Complete Asshole Charged with Being Complete Asshole, Animal Cruelty for Giving Heroin to a Kitten

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Today in “holy shit people are terrible,” here are the alleged crimes of West Chester’s James Myers:

Police and the Chester County District Attorney say a man has been arrested for animal cruelty after he was caught by police abusing a kitten. Authorities say the kitten was choked with a rope, bleeding and was given heroin.

Police say the suspect, 24-year-old James Myers, was in possession of heroin and heroin paraphernalia at the time of the alleged abuse. District Attorney Tom Hogan says, “The abuse of this kitten was a singularly depraved act. Heroin addicts abuse themselves, animals, and children without remorse or regret. What punishment is severe enough for this type of evil?”

When police first located the suspect he was allegedly abusing the kitten by his car. Police found the the kitten bleeding from its face and several of its teeth had been knocked out … Police say it appeared the kitten had been dragged and/or slammed into the ground.

When police searched Myers’ car, they found “bundles of heroin, hundreds of used bags of heroin, 46 hypodermic needles, [and] rope which matched the rope used on the kitten.”

After the veterinarian treating the kitten determined the kitten was given heroin, she was able to save the kitten from being euthanized by giving it Narcan, a drug used to counter the effects of opioid overdose. This whole story really has two results: One is that, thankfully, the kitten is recovering and will reportedly be okay (though the chills, nausea and night sweats will continue to be a concern). The second is that James Myers earned himself a spot in the “total piece of shit” hall of fame. Congrats, James.

Side note: I used to not give two shits about cats, but my girlfriend got one a few months ago and we’re buddies now, so fuck that dude. Even if I still hated cats, I would consider what this dude did to be super shitty. I’m not an animal.


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  1. Yeah, I complain about the non-sports posts on here too.

    But this mother fucker needs to die a slow, painful, death.

    1. For real. I can’t believe this guy would waste that sweet, sweet smack like that!

      1. I thought the same thing. A better question is who drives around with that many needles?? Dude needs to be shot for this crime and stupidity.

  2. Why waste the taxpayers hard earned money on mr scumbag.

    Just put two hollow points in his head,and be done with it.

    It would save us taxpayers a ton of money from feeding,housing and clothing these useless eaters.

  3. Hey Jim, I can turn on the 5 o’clock news RIGHT NOW and hear about depressing local news stories. Man, this site sucks ass incredibly.

    1. I’m sure you meant to say put the hollow points in the readers of this ‘sports blog’.

      BTW, gargano said this is his favorite Philly sports blog.

      Yeah Cuz!!!!!

  4. My guess is most of the people wishing death on this guy (rightly so he is a piece of shit) cheered like jackasses for Mike Vick. Proof positive that being a piece of shit is ok with the typical jersey wearing rabble that roots for NFL teams as long as you wear their colors.

    1. I didn’t cheer for Vick. I hope Vick gets the ebola virus and his children get cancer.

  5. “I’m not an animal.” There’s not an animal on the planet that would do that to another creature. It’s people that are fucked up.

  6. Never cared much for cats either. Took in two brother kittens born to a feral mom from my folks property a few years ago. Best pets ever. Cats are awesome and my two guys are great! And no, I’m not gay.

  7. I went to school with James from second grade through our senior year of high school and he was always a little crazy. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think he would do anything as disgusting and egregious as this. I haven’t seen him since we graduated in ’08 but between then and now he obviously fell off the deep end. It really makes me sick that someone I knew for so long could do something like this, but I guess drugs make you do terrible things.

  8. You smoke pot with your cat. You do smack with your dog everybody knows that .yours truly Rhea

  9. i have known James since he was in middle school. He was a great person and a great friend. He was always smiling and I always had a great time with him. We would drinks beers n smoke some weed and be goofy together. He was going to community college and was working. I lost contact for a period of time and seen him a few years later. He and his girlfriend had started doing dope. It changed him. But you could still see that he wasn’t lost, yet. About a year later, I heard about this. I was in complete shock. I felt sick, I felt horrible for his mother, father, and older sister who are all great people. Heroin has a horrible demonizing effect on most people that become addicted. You do things that you would never do sober.

    Sober James would never hurt a fly. He was always there when you needed help. He F***ed up big time. I pray for his recovery. I pray for the cat he abused. And I pray for his family. Through our justice system, James will receive the punishment he deserves and he will pay for his sins now and everyday until he meets God, where he will be judged again.

    Drugs effect every part of your mind and body. There’s good reason as to why they are illegal. I pray for James Myers’ soul and pray that throughout all of this , he finds himself again and repents his sins. He is NOT a monster, just a young man that got messed up in a horrifically evil drug. His parents did a great job raising him. He just f***ed it all up

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