Crossing Streams (Episode 19): Amaro’s Idiocy

Jim and I discuss Ruben Amaro’s idiocy, the Eagles’ non-interest in switching to Kelly Green full-time, and sports video games on the new systems.

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9 Responses

  1. If only Amaro held out for another 24 hours we’d have Yasiel Puig. Sounds like this was recorded in a public restroom.

  2. And btw,Mark Sanchez was great while the spoiled rich kid foles looked absolutely terrible.

    Or as Charles Barkley would say; Turrible Turrible Turrible.

    1. Spoiled rich kid? How do you figure that? Foles playing under his rookie deal. Sanchez paid millions by the Jets to leave New York. So you said that because of his parents? Please don’t be an Eagles fan. Pick some other team like the ‘Boys. They will love you.

  3. I found a site called which breaks down Charlie’s bad managing decisions game by game over a season.

  4. -Eagles pre-season game
    -Alumni weekend for the PHillies
    -Guy gets killed at a NASCAR race

    That’s just for starters. Those t-shirts need advertising.

    Almost 10 on Monday morning, and CB posts…..nothing.


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