Dick Stockton Will Have to Put Up with Donovan McNabb and Brady Quinn This Season

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

For this season’s Fox Sunday football broadcasts, the G-team of Dick Stockton and Ronde Barber have broken up, and Stockton will be taking up with a rotating group of men, including Brady Quinn, Kirk Morrison, and Donovan McNabb.

I for one cannot wait to hear McNabb’s trademark toothless, whiny, bland commentary style all over my Sunday football. The Eagles have nine games on Fox this year, but considering their status as a good team that deserves good commentary, you probably won’t hear McNabb/Stockton on more than a few, if at all. I really do hope he’s there if Foles gets booed though, that’ll be fun.


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    1. Maybe he’ll quit/kill himself after a few games stilling next to McNabb talking about his “Hall of Fame credentials”

  1. First off, Dick is married to Leslie Visser. So cut the guy a break. Probably can’t wait for Saturday to come and get out of house and fly to whatever NFL city and escape having to stare at that geriatric mug.

    Poor Dick has fallen from such a lofty perch. I remember growing up (we’re talking mid 80s here) and Dick was the voice of the NBA on CBS. Narrarrated so many of those great Sixer/Celtic clashes along with All-Star games.

    How, he’s relegated to lower level NFL games with hack talent like Brady Quinn. Christ, what’s the resume have to look like to sit in the booth these days? And I thought John Lynch sucked. Quinn having held a clipboard for 3-4 seasons now qualifies him to preach to me?

  2. Should be fun to hear Brady’s gum crackling throughout the game in which the Buccaneers will be blown out by another irrelevant C team.

  3. How does Dick Stockton still have a job calling play-by-play for that NFL? That’s my question.

  4. ADAM JOSEPH just officially CAME OUT and this has sent Miss Mikee into severe depression. Missy and Adam were a hot item not too long ago and we hear Missy never got over the broken heart. To make matters worse, Adam and his Husband announced the birth of their Gay Son and Missy is completely shattered. Missy is now left to only dream about LeBron and Patrick Swayze.

    NOTE: This is the most PERVERTED SHIT EVA !

  5. A few thoughts:
    1. Hopefully Radio, sorry, I mean Donovan will learn all the rules. Games can end in a tie.
    2. I hope Fox does us all a favor and puts him on games other than Eagles.
    3. If he broadcast Eagles games, I will still boo him!
    4. If we need to boo St. Nick, I sure hope Radio, there I go again, is not doing the play by play.

    I can’t believe I’d rather listen to Kenny Albert and Moose Johnson!

  6. Can’t wait to hear this self centered total ASSHOLE make a complete fool of himself by talking about “me” the whole time. What a real jerckoff!!!

  7. McNabb will be doing Jacksonville games that no one…not even assholes that live in Jacksonville….will see, so hopefully, we won’t have to listen to him.

    Except, unfortunately, opening day. Fuck.

    Oh, for for those who were surprised that Adam Joseph is gay…

    Breaking News:
    The Earth is round.
    The sky is blue
    The Pope is Catholic.

    That is all.

  8. I can’t wait for the genius and eloquence that will be Donovan-

    “hey Dick, Numba FAAAVE woulda made dat pass cause I got dem HallaFame numbas. Nick Foles be gettin a dose of duh NFL and da Filadelphya fans like neva befow. And duh fact dat Numba FAAAVE gotta sit here callin dis game wich you, Dick, be a white-on-black crime.”

  9. Ahh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, it’ll be great to hear that stupid fuckin’ ape try to talk! The fuckin’ ape really studied his Ebonics!

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