Editor’s Commentary

Trying something new this week– might stick with it, might not. Sort of a director’s commentary for the week on CB. All in one take. F my nasally voice. F it.

It’s also available as a podcast.

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31 Responses

  1. Kyle, I watched the first part about the Eagles uniform colors, and it was kind of dry and hashed over already and I didn’t continue to watch. I just don’t think on a Friday night people will want to hear about old news, or even different twists on old news. Your effort to try something different is really appreciated, though.

  2. Like fuck am I clicking on that. I’d rather gets AIDS from Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz’s circumcised cock.

    1. Can we please stop using kyles wack add term “troll” in the comment section. That is the worst, just plain terrible. And to actually follow someone that uses a word like that and comment calling another person a troll makes you a cock gobbler

        1. When starting your comment off by saying

          “You’re not a terribly bright perosn”

          Make sure to spell person right jackass.

          1. When attempting to refute a point, make sure you actually refute the point and don’t simply fall back on the classic airhead move of correcting someone’s spelling who probably typed this on an iPhone or something similar.

            All clear now, bigot?

          2. Learn how to spell idiot, and while your at it explain the bigot claim you fucking moron pussy bitch dick fuckwit half retard mother fucker

  3. I watched less than two minutes of this sorry excuse of a new idea and immediately wanted to cause harm to myself. Your ideas blow ass, hey how is that mo’ne shirt selling ass goblin

  4. My two favorite things from this shitty at best idea of yours:

    1.) the fact that you feel the need to throw in every bodies face that Julie dorenbos liked your video, who the fuck honestly cares, are you banging her, did you get a Bj, no that’s right she just liked your gay video.

    2.) while ending the video you claimed you would probably post something over the weekend…………. Hahahahahha it takes to much effort for you to copy and paste over the weekend hahah

  5. Actually liked the video, but disappointed that you didn’t deliver on much Taney or any Zion Spearman talk. And yeah…we’re definitely not getting a weekend post.

  6. My God, this website is still here?

    Please tell me preppy-inferiority-narcissist boy didn’t make a Mo Ne t-shirt 3 weeks late and start selling it on the last day they played. Please….

    Oh Jesus.

  7. hey yo yo yo wazzz upppp???!?!?!?!? yeah, so i only listened to about 5 seconds on that before fucking kyle scott’s mother for about the 10 millionth time. OH!

  8. I actually thought it was pretty good.
    If that means anything coming from the guy with the sandusky costume.
    Kisses.. Love uncle Jer

  9. It’s tough enough to read the shit you post here during the week let alone watch a 30 minute recap of it all again, having to listen to your terrible voice

    1. Best comment here, your not kidding though. Fadool got pregnant and her voice got deeper to make it worse.

      When is that kid due it seems like she has been pregnant for 2 years now

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