ESPN’s Sport Science Breaks Down Mo’ne Davis’ Delivery

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Jon Brenkus (who always sounds like he’s signing off from the video a few seconds after he should have) and the Sport Science team took a look at Taney Little League’s Mo’ne Davis in their latest installment. They compare Davis’ delivery to Jonathan Papelbon’s and the reaction time to her fastball to a 91 mph fastball from an MLB mound. The video is after the jump, because it auto-plays and that’s evil.


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  1. This chick has absolutely zero business playing in the little league WS. She playing softball

    1. This opinion would make a lot more sense if the sentence was structured properly. “She playing softball” – are you saying she is playing softball? Because she clearly is playing baseball. Or are you saying she SHOULD BE playing softball?

      Either way don’t hate on her because you were cut by your pitching machine team.

    1. I concur. I will immediately start a new business venture creating cups for breasts.

      They will measure the same way as bra cups, but will be made of high-impact ABS plastic.

      Nothing would put a damper on a promising baseball career like a line drive to the tits.

  2. Seriously. Is Mo’Ne short for something else? What does Mo’Ne mean? Sounds made up.

  3. Oh, and Horsie is making a big announcement art 9:50 today! Can’t wait to see what it is.

  4. So much negativity towards a 13yr old girl by the upstanding CB commenters leads me to believe that you guys are some lonely miserable individuals,who only feel good about yourselves when you tear down others.

  5. I wish the Taney Dragons good luck in today’s game.

    But honestly, this is really getting overblown at this point. A fucking Pep Rally at City Hall? How much free time do people have?

    Nothing in this world can happen without a fucking frenzy surrounding it anymore. When the Little League World Series stays in the “A” block of news broadcasts over multiple days, then it’s either a REALLY slow fucking time in news or they’re just not working hard enough.

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