Fittingly, Roy Halladay Has No Domestic Trade Value

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Right in line with the troubles his former team faced yesterday, Roy Halladay had little value in his Gulf Coast Domestic League.

I assume throwing the dog in is akin to Ruben Amaro using Chooch to sweeten offers: But he’s loyal, house-trained and sooooooo adorable… and you STILL won’t take Ryan Howard’s contract off our hands? How rude!

I thought for a second that maybe Roy was taking a swipe at Amaro’s inability to pull the trigger yesterday (and maybe he was), but I think he was just making fun of himself since this was his first trade deadline out of baseball. Kind of sad, actually.


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  1. It’s not my fault other teams didn’t want aging and declining players with outrageous contracts I gave them that include no-trade clauses and option years. You people should be grateful for these guys. If they produce to the level we expect of them, we’ll be competitive. Remember, there are two wild card slots. We can still do this with a waiver trade or two to shore up our bench. Where’s Kelly Stinnett?

  2. I never realized that Roy Halladay had such a good sense of humor until he retired. I still miss him even though he doesn’t have it anymore.

    1. what the hell does him not having it have anything to do with you missing hime douche canoe

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