Here’s Ruben Amaro Just Hanging out with the Common Folk, Completely Oblivious to the Fact People Hate Him

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You’ll rarely find Ruben Amaro in public without a great big shit-eating grin on his face. Is it real? Is it fake? Is what prevents him from successfully negotiating even one trade deadline deal when he has a stockpile of assets worth at least something to teams that aren’t 12 games under .500? I don’t know. But to his credit, Rube is always friendly in public and accessible to the media, for better or worse.

So of course(!) the Great Amaro was just happy as a clam in his Fightins F-fist ostrich hat while in Reading to see Aaron Nola pitch last night.

Reader Andrew was there and took this pic. Despite the smiles-all-around nature of the image, the love was only surface deep:

Here’s a picture of our dickbag GM at the Reading Fightin Phils game tonight. Only our GM would have the god damn gall to wear a hat with a fucking ostrich on it. I’d stick my fucking head in the sand after that trade deadline. I guess he was checking out Aaron Nola, or the burial site of most of his draftees. I hate that he can still smile.

It’s getting ugly.

Good news: Nola pitched well and projects to be a solid middle-of-the-rotation type guy. So… yeah.


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  1. Sweet, we really need a middle of the rotation guy to go along with Hamels to combine for 8 wins per season. Has Rube signed Sizemore to a 4 year no-trade deal yet?

    1. Hi guys. Backwater Lehigh Valley slug here. I probably should be working at Shop Rite or CVS but I heard Philly Sports Radio Station is hiring. Where do I apply? By the way Isnt Philly kind of a big media market(4th largest in USA.Reaches 8-9 M people) to be handing out radio sports anchor jobs to just anyone?

  2. Me and my brother were at a game 2 years ago and rube was giving a pregame interview for wip. When it was finished the dick bag refused to sign a baseball for a little kid. What an asshole.

    1. I put that on the kid – why are you even asking for his autograph when he was an MLB nobody as a player.

  3. “I hate that he can still smile” might be the best thing I’ve ever read about RAJ

  4. reader andrew is punkbitch. Took a photo with Amaro and his friends all smiles, and then posts a comment talking smack? What a pathetic coward.

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    1. Andrew didn’t take that photo, I’m in the photo.. My girlfriend took it, it’s from Facebook

  5. I’d like to see what a real shit eating grin looks like after this asshole eats some shit.

  6. I sent Kyle the photo. I wasn’t in the photo, so the people in the photos aren’t the “punkbitch.” ‘Tis I!

  7. Shocked fat cheeks raj took a pic with fans , usually he’s a pompous asshole to fans .
    Been hearing stories about him being a dickhead to fans for years

  8. Is it just me or has Rube gotten fat over the last couple years? I guess he still has no problem indulging himself and eating well while his team sucks.

    1. You want him to not eat as some sort of punishment? I think the empty seats is punishment enough.

  9. Reader andrew is a faggot. Yeah Rube is a shit awful gm who doesnt have a fuckin clue and needs to be fired yesterday, but whats the point of vitriol for getting a picture with fans? And you fucking retards wonder why we get a bad rap in this town.

  10. Rube was just visiting some of his family in the great city or Reading. He also needed a refill for the crack pipe that he smokes.

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