Hinkie Says He Never Wanted Anthony Bennett, Got Hasheem Thabeet Instead, Didn’t Want Him Either

"I will take (almost) all of your expiring contracts"
“I will take (almost) all of your expiring contracts”

Yesterday, for a brief moment, the 76ers strengthened their claim as the NBA’s All-Name team by trading for Hasheem Thabeet and some cash from Oklahoma City in exchange for a protected 2015 second-round pick. Almost immediately, it came out that Thabeet was to be released since he’s been a total bust since being drafted #2 overall in 2009, and even at 7-foot-3 on this depleted team he’s not worth the roster spot.

Additionally, Sam Hinkie sat in on a conference call session yesterday, where he talked about Joel Embiid’s Twitter, potential draft lottery changes, and more. Hinkie said Embiid’s tweet-game is great, for now, and said “I think he’s found the line in a way that is entertaining and people have had lots of laughs. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of February or late in March or in the middle of a road trip where some of that humor doesn’t go over quite as well. He’s adjusted pretty well so far.”

Hinkie continued, according to Delaware Online, saying that hitting the salary floor is “not something that’s a particular concern for us,” it’s a bit too early to discuss lottery changes since they haven’t happened yet, and that the long and drawn out three-team deal that sent Thad Young away never involved Anthony Bennett or Dion Waiters. Hinkie said, “I can tell you unequivocally, we didn’t have any conversations or any discussions about Anthony Bennett,” and “if you keep track of the rumors that have been out there about us, a very, very small percentage have turned out to be true.” But what about the rumor that Sam Hinkie has some grand master plan and isn’t just floating in the breeze with these moves? WHAT ABOUT THAT RUMOR?


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  1. I guess in Hinkie’s mind having Arnett Moultrie and Brandon Davies at pf is a better option than Anthony Bennett.

    Get ready for a 5 to 10 win season Sixers fans.

    1. You really fucking think we had the ability to acquire Bennett with our roster of dipshits? You’re a fucking dumbass and another asshole WIP dickface. Go yell at your car radio you fuck

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        Hopefully one day you and me will meet up,so I can kick your teeth down your throat.

  2. Who gives a fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.Rather hear if an eagle took a good shit this morning than sixers stuff.

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