It’s Official, Chris Therien Is Moving over to TV

As I reported in June, Chris Therien and Steve Coates will basically flip roles this season. From the Flyers’ release:

The Flyers and CSN also announced a change to their broadcast teams. Former Flyers defenseman Chris Therien will move from the radio broadcast to the Comcast SportsNet television broadcast crew and will serve as the inside-the-glass ice-level reporter for Flyers game broadcasts, joining the team of Jim Jackson, Keith Jones and Bill Clement. Steve Coates, a 32-year veteran of Flyers TV and radio broadcasts, will return to the radio booth to handle color commentary alongside play-by-play voice Tim Saunders on the Flyers Radio Network.

I think Bundy’s great, and I’m looking forward to this. Just gotta keep that raw emotion while rinkside.


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  1. I remember listening to a game 3 years ago on WIP. On a call for holding.

    Therien: “Yeah you can’t just give a guy a reach around and grab onto his stick….. the’re gonna call you for that.”

    Long Pause
    Then Laughs

    Saunders: ‘yes I certainly hope they call you for that..”

    Really wish i could find that audio

  2. Where is the Taney parade coverage?!?!? I want to talk/hear about them for at least another month!

  3. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I just want to see Chris and Piiieerreee McGuire stuck between the glass together. It is going to be like an overweight bulldog with a bark stuck in crate with a chihuahua

  4. throw coates in with that fat fuck goose on the nfl as the worst money stealers of all time, if coates tells us “we have to clean the front porch” one more time he will have to let him smell rhea’s snapper, and jj on the phillies blows as well, wtf is he doing on the radio?, he is worst than scott grahm, wtf where is jackie martling when we need him?

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