Joel Embiid Talks Candidly About His Relationship with Rihanna

Voila_Capture 2014-08-05_04-29-29_PM

NBA blogger Lang Whitaker caught up with Joel Embiid at the NBA’s recent rookie shinamabob in New York and asked him about his “relationship” with Rihanna. Embiid spoke openly:

“It’s going pretty well. We had a date.* And it was pretty good. We had fun. We just went to get some food, some laughs, because I’m kind of funny. You know, girls love when I speak French, so every time I talk they’re just like [grabs face]. Good morning is like bonjour [more French words I don’t understand].”

Love this guy. LOVE HIM. Video here.

*He’s kidding. Probably.

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8 Responses

  1. Anyone else worried that Embiid is simply going to pull a Bynum in Philly and never play?

    1. Not at all, because there is one major difference between the two:

      Joel Embiid actually likes playing basketball.

  2. GJj RyHo. Game Winner! raised your average to .219. What a hero! T-Mac masturbates

    1. Jim Adair better not report on traffic. I’ll be out of a job.

      OH YEAH i have fake tits.

  3. This kid is starting to creep me out.
    First he does this embarrassing recruiting thing with Lebron James, then he twitter stalks Kim Kardashian. Now he acts like he’s in a relationship with Rihanna, and I think he seriously believes he is!!!
    Creep show for sure!

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