Madden 15 Rates Shady the Second Best Running Back in Football, the Eagles the Best in the NFC East


EA Sports released the ratings for the NFC East teams in Madden 15 yesterday, and as you can see above, Darren Sproles remains a slip-sceen stud, even as a backup. The team’s overall 85 rating puts it first in the division, in front of the Cowboys (81), the Giants (76), and the Redksins (75). As EA says of the rating:

With Chip Kelly at the helm for his second year, the Eagles look to improve on last year’s 10-6 record and NFC East title. The Eagles lost deep threat and special teams weapon Desean Jackson to the division rival Redskins, but did add Darren Sproles. Combined with the 97 OVR Lesean McCoy, Sproles will be a nice addition to the high-octane Kelly offense. Quarterback Nick Foles is coming off a stellar 2013 season, and will look to wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper in the passing game.

On the defensive side, the Eagles are reliant on veteran linebacker Trent Cole, who will be a monster with the new Madden NFL 15 defensive line mechanics with his 97 Finesse Move (FMV) rating. The Eagles also have 3 CBs with an 80+ OVR.

Those three CBs, according to GoMadden, are rated 82 (Cary Williams) and 80 (Brandon Boykin, Bradley Fletcher). Additonally, LeSean McCoy’s 97 makes him the best back in the NFC East and the second best in the game, behind only Adrian Peterson. Mysteriously missing from the Eagles’ top players image above is Evan Mathis, who we already learned has a 99 run block rating and a 97 overall (tied for 2nd best OL player).

It’s good to know that even if this season somehow completely collapses and tumbles downhill and nothing good happens, this team will be an absolute monster in Madden.


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  1. Ertz, Lane, Malcolm Jenkins, Cedric Thornton, and Ryans are also all terribly under rated. And no way in hell is Benn the same rating as Jordan Matthews.

  2. Why are the Eagles listed as a Vertical Offense, they are the best running team in the league.

  3. Shady is a wife beating thug and I hope he gets thrown in jail with the rest of his kind where he belongs.

    1. do you find it hard to troll on a thread where every other commenter is also trolling?

      do you think you are clever or funny? because this schtick isn’t fooling anyone

  4. Being rated the best in the NFC Least is like being rated the tallest midget.

    1. still get a home playoff game.

      I would rather be in the playoffs from a bad division than miss the playoffs in a good division

      so complain all you want, if being in the NFC east compensates for the eagles tough schedule, then why complain

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