New Jersey, Virginia, and Rhode Island Join us in our Cowboys Hate


A Reddit user, as he had previously done for the NBA, asked other users what state they were from and which NFL team they hated the most. The results above aren’t very surprising. We hate the Cowboys, the Cowboys hate us. New Jersey has our back, Oklahoma has theirs. Slightly surprsingly, Virginia and Rhode Island also hate the Cowboys, but maybe they just feel personally victimized by Troy Aikman. The rest of the map is relatively surprise-less, and shows just how intense the 49ers/Seahawks rivalry has gotten (carrying the Seahawks hate right on over into Broncos territory). Also, it proves that no one is from Wyoming.

Meanwhile, the baseball map can be subtitled “Fuck the Yankees.”

h/t reader Chad


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  1. How is it slightly surprising that Virginia would hate the Cowboys? A state where most fans root for the Redskins.

    Do you numb-nuts even follow sports?

  2. Great, a poll cast among obnoxious neckbeard nerds represents the opinion of all Americans. Nice copy-paste job, Jimbo.

  3. BTW, fix the fucking website. All I see is gray bars and shit covering up everything.

    1. You have to answer the survey that ensures Kyle gets $100k more a year for 2 day old content that was posted on B@rstool already.

  4. How easy is it is to just browse reddit and pull content from there and post it here?

    I don’t mind the blatant reposting of content, but at least bring about some form of discussion or opinion that isn’t a hastily written paragraph.

  5. I saw this a few days ago and put zero credence in it. Like Uncle Meat said above, I always thought the hatred for the Cowboys was one sided. We hate them, but they see the Redskins as their biggest rival.

    When I saw the Eagles listed as the most hated team in Texas, the first thing I thought was the Dallas fans responding to this were people who live here, root for the Cowboys, and hate the Eagles.

    And how many responses are we talking here?

    1. “As expected. You only see the ‘hate’ of the teams with the most subscribers.

      Team subreddits with the most subscribers:


      Most hated teams:


      No surprises at all. Most hated team in Texas: Eagles. Why? Because you have more Cowboys fans in here than Texans fans. Most hated team in Florida: Patriots. Why? You have the most Dolphins fans. No Tampa, no Jacksonville.”

      1. Good point. Like Dallas being the most hated team in Pennsylvania. I saw that and thought “people in Pittsburgh hate the Browns like Americans hate Al-Qaeda. They probably don’t give two black and gold shits about Dallas.” But this “study” doesn’t accommodate differences between cities or geographic regions other than state lines.

  6. Why does the Northwest Territory of Canada hate the SD Padres? There is no reason for anyone to hate the padres.

    1. Why does everyone hate ridiculous questions about the SD Padres? There is no reason for anyone to post such a stupid question.

  7. maybe this is a dumb question, but why are the Bears hated the most in their own home state of Illinois? Or do I just not understand how to read a map?

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