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Mark Madden, a Pittsburgh sports radio jock who only tweets pictures of porn stars and desserts, is selling that incredibly stupid shirt above on Etsy. That’s right, Etsy, the same place that person you know (definitely not you) gets handmade greeting cards and jewelry. There’s a number of things wrong with this shirt, starting with the shitty Hanes Comfortblend it’s printed on. Then, there’s the use of the Flyers colors — printing it in say Yellow and Black would at least obviously say that you are anti-Flyers and make it less awkward to wear to a game — and the Flyers name, which is just begging for a cease and desist order. Finally, hashtags look stupid enough on Twitter, so let’s keep them off of our goddamn t-shirts where they serve no purpose.

Also, the route of attacking a franchise’s history instead of what they are right now is always the cowardly way. Unless it’s the Mets. The Mets are always fair game.

h/t reader Rudolph