Player to be Named Later in Roberto Fausto Carmona Hernandez Deal is Named

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Roberto Fausto Carmona Edward James Olmos Hernandez was the only Phillie who ended up getting traded this year, and in return the Phillies got two players to be named later. The first player to be named later was named to be Jesmuel Valentin, a 20-year-old middle infielder who is the son of former MLBer Jose Valentin. And yesterday, the deal was finalized as the second player to be named later was named as 19-year-old RHP Victor Arano. Arano was the #14 ranked prospect in the Dodgers’ farm system and was 4-7 with a 4.08 ERA in 22 games this season for their Single-A squad. These two men, who we may never hear from again, are the total and full result of this year’s trade deadline. Couldn’t Pat Gillick have rolled through about a month ago?


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    1. Couldn’t agree more. Def like the pickup of this Arano kid. 2 plus pitches and only 19 years old. Lets hope he can develop that change or at the least be a reliable bullpen pitcher.

      Rather take the chance on these 2 players for someone who is older and doing nothing for the team.

      Here’s to hoping Detroit makes a last gasp at Paps before August ends.

  1. “Roberto Fausto Carmona Edward James Olmos Hernandez”

    That’s a hilarious and fresh joke that totally hasn’t been beaten to death on this blog. Well done, Jimbo.

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