UPDATE: The Sixers Will Trade Thaddeus Young for Anthony Bennett

Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
[Nate Dogg voice] Hold up. [end Nate Dogg voice] Those Anthony Bennett-to-the-Sixers rumors, while appearing all but dead yesterday when there was no mention of them in the reported everyone-for-Love trade, are back. Mark Perner of the Daily News is reporting that the Sixers will send Thaddeus Young and that extra D in his name to the Timberwolves for Bennett once the Wolves’ deal with the Cavs is complete:

WHILE NEWS CAME out yesterday that Minnesota and Cleveland had agreed in principle to a trade that will send All-Star Kevin Love to the Cavaliers for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a first-round draft pick, the Daily News has learned that the Sixers will, indeed, be involved in the deal.

A source informed the Daily News that the Sixers will be sending veteran forward Thaddeus Young to Minnesota for a package that will include Bennett, the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA draft.

The deal, which two sources have confirmed to the Associated Press, will not be official until Aug. 23, when Wiggins, this year’s No. 1 draft pick, becomes eligible to be traded.

Perner notes that there’s no indication the Wolves will send the first round pick they obtain from Cleveland to the Sixers as part of the deal, but it seems like it’s still a possibility.


UPDATE: Hold up again. Tom Moore of The Intelligencer reports that the league may prevent the deal due to really confusing reasons:

The Timberwolves reportedly are interested in Thaddeus Young as a possible replacement for Love. If the Sixers, who remain roughly $30 million below the salary cap, are unable to make it a three-team deal in which they could end up with Bennett and a pick, they could try to trade with the Wolves for Bennett.

The problem is Bennett cannot be combined with another outgoing player in a deal for 60 days if he goes to Minnesota. The way around that would be for Sam Hinkie and the Sixers to trade a second-round selection to the Timberwolves for Bennett soon after Aug. 23 and then acquire two players — and probably a protected first-rounder — for Young.

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Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on right now.

UPDATE 2: I asked Moore on Twitter to explain. Here’s the gist of it: Bennett cannot be combined with another player in a trade for 60 days after he’s traded by the Cavs. So, to circumvent, the Sixers would trade a second round pick to the Wolves for Bennett, and then, in a separate move, trade Young to the Wolves for a couple of expiring contracts. The league could say “no” since these trades would be designed to circumvent the (silly, silly) salary cap. The point of the trade is for the Wolves to acquire Young and rid themselves of some contracts. But, if the Sixers are part of a three-team deal, then none of this matters.


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  1. i don’t know much about soccer but this sounds like a good trade.

  2. I think the guy is wrong. But even if he’s not wrong, the way around it is to make the Love/Wiggins/Bennett/1st rounder trade a 3 team deal. Just because it is reported that Love for Wiggins/Bennett/1st is done, doesn’t mean all the moving parts have been nailed down yet.

  3. I lol’d at that last line, ha:

    “Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on right now.”

    1. Me too.

      The NBA is worried about the lottery and teams tanking but they also have all of these other rules in place so teams cannot improve. Hopefully Hinkie knows whats going on!

      1. You question my knowledge?!?!?! I am the great and powerful HINKIE.

        I am going to get Anthony Bennett and steal a 1st round pick from them in the process.

        Unlike some other GMs in this city, I actually have a plan.

  4. All they have to do is make this a three team deal and there wont be any problems. If the Wolves want Thad that bad, they’d be smart to include the Sixers in the Love deal so the NBA doesn’t mess anything up.

  5. Hinkie seems to be doing a great job building towards something special over the next two to three years. When you figure Noels is back this season, Embiid arrives next season, and Saric in 2016, that’s a very good start. Having MCW, possibly Bennett, and likely a few more decent high draft picks, and you can quickly see how they will be young, talented, hungry, and hopefully well prepared by Brett Brown.

    1. Where is the veteran leadership? Who is going to score for them? How soon until Noels and/or break down again? The NBA is set up that you need a superstar to win and no one on the team is even close to being a star yet alone a superstar.

  6. You people just don’t get if. This whole plan by Hinkie is not going to work. You cannot win without a superstar and no one on the roster is going to be a superstar. Plus, the way the salary cap and CBA is set up there is no way the Sixers will be able to keep everyone one they hit there “stride” which I don’t think will ever happen. You also have to realize that Harris is a hedge find manager and that how’s they are running this team. They are blowing smoke up everyone’s asses and telling them to give them time so it can work, but in the NBA you don’t have a long window to build like you have in baseball. Harris is setting this team up to sell so he can make a killing. So, keep believing the bullshit Hinkie spews because in a year or two you all will realize they are fucking with us all and that they are setting the Sixers back so far that it’ll take the second coming of Jesus before they ever become respectable again.

      1. In 05-06 the Piston’s didn’t win the championship, but on that team they had plenty of experienced veterans with Rasheed, Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Prince, and McNugget. They had a few young guys, but none were expected to carry the team.

        The 03-04 championship had the same players but other veterans like Bobby Sura, Ben Wallace, and a host of others who knew how to play team basketball. The only young guy of consequence on that team was Okur, but he wasn’t expected to carry the load like the guys on the Sixers will be expected to. None of the young guys the Sixers got were sure fire guys coming out of college. It’s not like any of them are a Lebron, Carmelo, Griffin, or a Chris Paul.

        Maybe you should not only brush up how a championship team is built, but also your NBA history. The plan Hinkie has may look good on paper, but look how the NBA is at this current time and you’ll see that without a superstar, a 20+ point scorer, veteran leaders, and a rock on defense you can’t win. The Sixers will continue to cycle through young guys until one, if we are lucky, actually becomes big time. MCW is a nice point guard but he is not elite. Noel is to fragile and has no muscle to grab that rebound. To me he might become a better version of Dalembert. Embiid has “potential” but he is already labeled as injury prone and big guys with feet problems is not good, i.e. Ilgauskas, Muhresan, and Ming. Another thing people don’t seem to realize is that all of these young guys will be free agents at different times. It will be tough to sign all of them, and they might play just one year together as a group. Hinkie did nothing to improve this team in the off season. He didn’t even sign anyone who can step right in and play. Finally, the whole argument about using analytics is weak. Analytics is great for baseball because it is a sport that uses probability and strategy in almost every situation. Basketball is a free flowing sport that does things on the fly. Analytics might be good to see who produces in basketball, but it doesn’t translate onto the court.

        1. Hinkie is taking the only path available to him. What is it you suggest he do? Sign Spencer Hawes to a new deal? How about Chandler Parsons to a max deal? This is why the NBA sucks.

  7. The star player will come in 2016 when the greatest free agent class ever happens. The Sixers can use some of there good young players in sign and trades to bring in w however they want. Your just going to have to wait til then people

  8. I can’t believe how stupid the Wolves are if they trade Bennett. I wouldn’t trade him for Young even if there were more than a year left on his contract. Young has hit his 17ppg ceiling and the sky is the limit for Bennett. Idiots! So glad I’m not a Wolves fan! Uggh! Someone over there will eventually get fired over this one.

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