UPDATE: Ricky Ledee Would like to Be on Phillies Postgame Live

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Famous tweeter and guy whom I actually liked as a Phillie Ricky Ledee has expressed interest in being on Phillies Postgame Live. After complaining yesterday about never being invited to Yankees Old Timers Day (which, really, is an outrage), Ledee tweeted CSN and submitted his formal application to be on PGL, and I, for one, think he would make a great addition. Where else are you going to get this sort of bare-knuckles breakdown?

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  1. Kyle , you better come through Monday morning with some drunken phils alumni pics. Maybe a pat the bat grabbing a tit pic . Counting on you

  2. “this crossing broas website has some bad things on it i would not let my dAughter on it. bad language” – @ricky_ledee

    ou fucking guys are gonna fuck up Ricky doing an exclusive for this fucking site! Shit I’d want to fucking read that cunt sucking mother fucker son of a bitch ass tits piece ballsack.

    (Apologies to Ricky’s daughter)

  3. Hey Guys – I think this is pretty crude stuff. I’m just trying to give my two sense. I cant let me kids see a site like this. Embarrassing. I cant believe I banged all those escorts while I was in Philly. If I knew it was like this, i’d have saved my money for Kansas City where the hoes let you have BBFS. Boo YAAA

  4. Marlon Anderson commentary and analysis is horrible. Somehow this guy weaseled his way into Phillies radio color commentary, PST and Phillies pre and post games shows. Either Bottalico or Davis are infinitely better.

    1. Marlon Anderson is a fucking toad who sucked shit as a player and who now just blows Ryan Howard by saying he’s just having an off year in hopes to get invited to live in his Palm Beach poolhouse.

      1. For a minute there i forgot marlon anderson and marlon byrd were not the same person.

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