Ruben Amaro Got Taken for Roberto Hernandez Because He Didn’t Know about Josh Beckett’s Injury

"You want this trade done in a hurry? Sure. And no, I will not ask why."  Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
“You want this trade done in a hurry? Sure. And no, I will not ask why.”
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

When word came across that Roberto Fausto Carmona Miguel Herrera Hernandez had been traded, it was a little surprising simply because many didn’t think the many-named hurler was on anyone’s radar. Maybe this is why Ruben made the deal fairly quickly, without thinking about why the Dodgers wanted a pitcher who — as he was scheduled to throw last night — would be ready to go as soon as he landed in LA. Either way, the deal was made and Dodgers GM Ned Colletti was super stoked that no one knew how desperate he was.

Colletti told the LA Times (via CSN) that trade talks with the Phillies “accelerated” into Thursday because he “wanted to complete a deal before the news broke of Josh Beckett possibly missing the rest of the season with his hip injury.” Coletti said he was happy to have the deal done before “Ruben could hold me up for even more.”

Fantastic. The one time Ruben doesn’t take his grand old time evaluating and “seeing where we are” and looking at all sides of something is the time it would have benefited him the most.


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    1. ^^ We all know Amaro is an idiot but it seems like Coletti’s statement about Ruben holding him up for more was said in jest. The Phillies were only going to get a couple of shitty prospects for this guy regardless of Beckett’s status.

  1. Never forget … Kyle was once one of Rubes biggest fans.

    the man (kyle) knows nothing of baseball

    NO LOVE,


    1. While everybody who knows baseball saw the problems with trading away the entire farm system and signing old players to huge contracts, Kyle was blowing RAJ:

      “Now, Ruben is at the helm, and since taking over he has been nothing short of shrewd.

      In the last nine months, he has traded for THREE former Cy Young Award winners in Cliff Lee, Pedro Martinez, and Roy Halladay. He reloaded the third base position by acquiring Placido Polanco, the only other member of that 2004 team who could have been considered a winner, and now he has outdone himself by signing Ryan Howard to a $25 million a year contract. Only Alex Rodriguez has ever made that much playing this game, in like, the history of the world.

      Maybe shrewd is not even the right word. A couple years ago the Phillies were shrewd, making clever acquisitions of under the radar players like Blanton and Werth.

      Now they’re bullies.

      They want the best pitcher on the planet. Can’t get him? That’s fine, borrow Cliff Lee for one of the best postseason performances of all-time and then trade him away to acquire the aforementioned first option. Then they pulled Pedro Martinez, the self proclaimed most influential player to ever play in Yankee Stadium, out from under a mango tree to pitch in the World Series. Our window is closing? Here, let Ruben open it by signing “The Big Piece” to a $125 million contract.

      The Phillies are starting to rival the Yankees and the Red Sox in terms of “f you, rest of the league” type moves. The World Championship wasn’t a fluke, it was calculated. The next? Well, that will be part calculated, part purchased. Either way, it will come.

      Yeah, shrewd isn’t the word. Maybe the word is gangsta. And you know what? I like it.”

      1. L-O-Fucking-L!!! Kyle is nothing more than a clueless fanboy. Fucking joke of a site, the comments are the only thing worth coming here for. Clearly the journalism sucks cock.

      2. Congratulations. You dug up a blog post from the year the Phillies had the best record in baseball, before Ruben Amaro had made many of his dozens and dozens of mistakes. Still agree with all of that except for the Howard thing. I… was wrong about the Howard thing.

        1. It’s pretty hard to paint Polanco’s return as anything other than a bust, Kyle. Classic Amaro signing: old, broken down player given too many years w/ an option on the end of his contract. Fortunately it was a mutual option with a relatively low buyout.

        2. I’d be interested to see what your take was on some other disaster moves like Pence and Ibanez.

        3. Uh, Kyle – Best record in BBall doesn’t mean shit. THEY LOST IN THE PLAYOFFS.

  2. What more evidence do we need that Amaro is overmatched with the job? get him out now

    1. How much fucking longer can this guy keep his fucking job? Absolute joke. They will get two dogshit “players” that will never get above low-A. Between him and the christkiller across the street (see Wadkins, Danny and whoever the fuck their 1st round pick was this year–ANOTHER guy that can’t play), Philly is home to TWO OF THE WORST GMs IN SPORTS…

  3. Where were all you armchair baseball geniuses when we won 100+ games? Huh? I’m waiting! …crickets…

    Yeah. That’s what I thought.


    1. Up your ass with the 100+ wins…they lost in the FIRST ROUND of the playoffs. In professional sports, YOU WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP OR YOU DO NOT.
      There are no trophies for second (or third or fourth) place.
      That is all.

  4. The article states that Colletti wanted to accelerate the deal before news got out that Beckett might be done for the season.
    Your headline reads “Ruben Amaro got taken…”. But news of Beckett’s injury was not yet public. Amaro is a lot of things, but a mind reader I doubt is one of them. You can criticize Amaro for a lot, but not in this case. Plus, as the post above me stated, who did you think you were gonna get, it was Roberto Hernandez!

  5. Definitely on Rube, but also the damn scouts! Where were they?? They didn’t know Beckett was hurt? The Phils’ scouts suck just as bad as RAJ!

    1. Who cares that Beckett was hurt.
      He could have been on his deathbed and the Phillies still weren’t going to get more than a couple of shitty prospects.
      We’re talking about Roberto Hernandez, who sucked so bad that he changed his name hoping for better luck.

  6. Does anyone else get physically ill listening to that ape Gargano gush about football and the Eagles? I suspect he has literally blown McCoy in order to stay on the party bus.

    1. He is the biggest joke on that station. Could he be more of a stereotypical south philly guido?

    2. “I Feel you”

      That’s all you need to be on WIP

  7. Man FUCC this blog!! the yung homie tryin say roberto hernandez worth somthin. You a LAME ASS hipster man, this post a fuccin joke doe!

  8. We don’t even know what the Phillies got in return yet. Jesus Christ, you are stupid.

    1. 2 fungo bats, 12 dodger dogs, and a free parking pass at Dodger Stadium. That was the deal. That and the kid from “The Sandlot”.

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