Sixers Buy Insane Technology to Make Pre-Game Intros Infinitely Cooler

Do I understand how this works? NO!

According to Bloomberg, the 76ers have bought technology from Quince Imaging to make their pre-game intros really cool once they have players worth introducing. As Bloomberg says, the Sixers and Devils — both owned by Josh Harris — will be using the technology, which changes the court (or ice) surface into a projection screen on which you can lay out just about anything [Editor’s note: a healthy big man?]:

While some arenas have used the technology for special events, the 76ers are the second National Basketball Association team to buy it from Herndon, Virginia-based Quince, following the Cleveland Cavaliers, the club said. The Devils are the first U.S.-based National Hockey League team to buy the technology that transforms the court or ice surface into what Quince calls an immersive video display. The Montreal Canadiens also own the technology, which costs about $1 million per team.

You can check out the Cavaliers’ use of it above (and you can imagine they’re gearing up one hell of a show on it for this season). It’ll be interesting to see the moments from 76ers history that they use in the show, but then again they could just lay down Joel Embiid’s Twitter feed and I’d be alright with that.

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  1. Would be nice if the Flyers use this for their pre-game. The Canadiens have the torch that gets lit at center ice and it looks amazing.

    Maybe Eddie Snider could project a running clock of how many days it’s been since the last cup. …heck he’ll probably just project some hits from the Bullies days to get everyone amped up like always.

    1. Around 13,000 per game,more when the big team s(Cavaliers,Bulls,Spurs,Clippers,OKC) come to town.

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