The Eagles Traded for a Kicker

Tired of Murderleg and Noodleleg, the Eagles have traded running back David Fluellen (whom they were about to release anyway) to the Colts for kicker Cody Parkey (who had already been placed on waivers).

Just yesterday, Zach Berman wrote that the Eagles were still keeping their options open at kicker since Alex Henery has the leg strength of a tall bird.

Parker was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Colts and waived yesterday in favor of Adam Vinatieri, who is 602.

Colts Authority on Parkey:

To make room for Cureton, the team waived rookie kicker Cody Parkey. Parkey wouldn’t have made the final roster unless Adam Vinatieri wasn’t healthy, but he did have some nice kickoffs and made two field goals last week against the Giants. Inexperienced kickers sometimes bounce around for a while before making a team, but Parkey did exactly what he needed to do in his short time with Indianapolis and still could find himself playing football somewhere soon.

And here’s video of him kicking field goals in perfect indoor conditions:

Haven’t seen a kicker make a 51+ yarder since Akers.

UPDATE: It’s Parkey, not Parker.


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  1. That’s why Nephew killer Rose539 is the Best GM in the league…trading for a guy that WAS WAIVED (no need to trade even if the guy they traded was going to get cut anyway)
    Where is the world is Horst Muhlmann……………….

  2. They need to bring back the Vince Papale open tryout for this kicker position.

    In a practice in New England last week, Carey Spear missed 10 of 11 field goals.

    He made 1 fucking field goal.

    How the fuck could any of us do any worse than Carey Spear?

  3. How fucking annoying is mike miss talking today how offensive the redskins name is??
    I turn on the other station & I hear Barkcann screaming.. Wtf

    1. I guarantee your racist ass would be up in arms if the Eagles changed their name from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Philadelphia White Devils.

      1. If they switched back to Kelly Green I would pre-order a White Devils jersey this second.

  4. Don’t strain too much on the description of Henery’s leg – you may have a brain aneurysm. “Leg strength of a tall bird.” …
    Flamingo? Crane? Great blue heron? Great blue heron would actually have been funny. Tall bird is fucking horrible.

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  6. Seriously,wtf was wip program director Andy Bloom thinking when he hired Innes away from Houston sports radio?

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