The Flyers’ Third Jersey Will Probably Be Their Winter Classic Jersey

Not these
Not these

Today, a person wondered if the Flyers’ new alternate jersey will actually be their 2012 Winter Classic jersey. Here’s that thought, undoubtedly told in a hushed tone, perhaps you’d even call it a whisper*:

Among them [at the Skate Zone] was Zac Rinaldo, wearing black pants with an orange stripe down the side and many players donned black helmets, which had cream-colored numbers and an orange outline. Usually, the Flyers wear solid black pants and the black helmets have solid white numbers on them.

In the locker room, the striped pants hung in most players’ stalls with the cream-numbered helmets above. In all likelihood, this is part of the Flyers’ new alternate kits this season. .

Shh. As I murmured quietly last monthI bet the Flyers’ new third jerseys are the Winter Classic jerseys from 2012. 

Those robots will be here any day now, and even they’ll know that kits is a soccer word.

*That’s how Dave cites reports nowadays:

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5 Responses

  1. So you’re telling me they won’t be wearing the tiger striped jerseys that so many people bought and still wear???

  2. Summer is officially over: Labor Day weekend is here, meaningful football is being played, and the Flyers haters have returned, finally getting kicked out of the Showboat before they lock the doors once and for all. I hope you enjoyed the endless hours you wasted watching the Dead End Gang at CBP. Looking forward to your fresh takes on “culture” for the next 8 months.

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