The Phillies’ Ceremony for Taney Was Excellent

They got the full opening day treatment, including high fives from the opportunist mayor (has he ever washed that 08 jersey?) and Dan BAKeR MISplAcED iNFlecTiONS! Video of the full ceremony here. For these kids, going back to school next week is going to really suck. Nice job by the Phillies, who swept the Nationals.

video courtesy of Matt Rappa


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  1. Top 5 Annoying things from the summer of 2014:

    1) the Taney dragons overexposure
    2) the ice bucket challenge
    3) the song rude by magic
    4) people saying bae
    5) tony Bruno leaving 97.5

          1. I always cringe when dudes always tweet the former fox29 traffic girl “bae” all the time

          2. That “Rude” song is the biggest piece of shit. It’s right up there with that “Say Something, I’m giving up on you” garbage.

    1. 6). You’re annoying and a loser. Go draft kaepernick with your first pick in your fantasy draft you cock smoking queer.

  2. Yes, a great accomplishment by these kids. Bringing home the hardware. Participation ribbons for all!!!

  3. Mo’Ne Davis shook the hand of her favorite MLB player…..Chase Utley

    Somewhere, Marcus Hayes can be seen crying into a bucket of deep fried mediocrity.

  4. These kids fucking lost. They don’t deserve all this attention. Wtf would have happened if they actually won the LLWS? I don’t even wanna know.

    1. Do you have any inclination how hard it is to get to the LLWS, let alone win it? They were the 4th best team in the entire world. They represented the city of Philadelphia amazingly, both on and off the field.

      This isn’t the Eagles getting a parade after losing an NFC title game, they’re fucking kids. Let them have their moment. It’s a pretty awesome accomplishment and a great story.

      1. They’ve had their moment and then some. It’s way past overkill at this point.

        1. When I was their age, I would’ve fucking loved every second of getting to meet the Phillies (even though they were fucking terrible then), throw out a first pitch, get a personalized jersey, etc…

          I say let them live it up. Like Ryan “Pedro Cerrano” said, “Soak it in.”

  5. This is for the adults, not the kids. if you think these kids give a rats ass about any of this bullshit you’re nuts. The pressure is off and they’re glad it’s over because…they’re kids.
    Also, if anyone thinks you can whittle down thousands of little league teams to the best in the world in 3 months time you need to get a grip. You need to be in a feeder league to qualify first and foremost.

    1. Again, really? You think those kids weren’t having fun yesterday? Or you think they didn’t deserve to have fun yesterday? Or the kids didn’t care? Glad I wasn’t your kid.

      1. They deserve to be happy and whatever that entails, they seem to be great kids. As for the possibility of me fucking your mom? That makes two of us because if you truly believe a 12 year old kid wishes to be put under intense pressure on a world wide stage you were probably born prematurely, What did they get a lost summer and a ride on a float? They were exploited for adults, product sales and Espn. Or…maybe your the kind of rough and tough macho sports guy that thinks kids that go to camp and swim all summer are pussys? Can’t wait till you bring some kids into the world Bob. They’ll be keeping the shrinks in business for years with their stories about how they disappointed daddy cause they struck out in regionals. It’s cool, they can work for me and my kids dope.

  6. Filthadelphia is already preparing for the parade for the Phillies for finishing 5th in the NL East.
    Fuck off.

  7. Why didn’t you use this an excuse to hawk that Mo’ne shirt you fucking faggot?

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