The Phillies’ Top Draft Picks in 2011 and 2012 Are No Longer Considered Prospects

Matt Gelb, on more Phillies ineptitude:

The Phillies did not possess a first-round draft pick in 2011 or 2012. They waited to pick until 39th in 2011 and 40th in 2012, both as compensatory selections. Those players, Larry Greene and Shane Watson, have yet to progress above single-A Lakewood. Neither are considered prospects.

This was a lost season for both of them. Greene, 21, was touted for his raw power. He has seven homers in 239 pro games, and just one this season. He is hitting .177 with a .264 on-base percentage and .263 slugging percentage for Lakewood.

There is concern for Watson, a 21-year-old righthander who underwent shoulder surgery in January. He will not throw a pitch this year. He has a 4.44 ERA in 21 minor-league games.

There’s literally nothing to be excited about as a Phillies fan.


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  1. Anyone else hear Josh Innes trying to say he thinks the phillies still have a shot last night? I thought he was just being a dick until something like 3 moronic WIP callers came on and started going “yeahhhh yano ya got me excited here!” These people make us look like a bunch of fucking neanderthals.

  2. Guess Aaron Nola, JP Crawford & Maikel Franco aren’t worthy of getting excited about? They made some terrible picks in 2011 & 2012 but their last two drafts have been great.

    1. Nola is close to major league ready but will likely be a mid-rotation guy. Woo.

      Franco can’t get on base at a higher than .300 clip at AAA. Can’t wait to see him in the majors!

      Crawford is legit. Can’t wait to see him play for the Phils. That’s why it’s awesome Jimmy has that option…

      You’re gonna take those three players and say the last two drafts have been great? I want some of what you’re smoking.

      1. Might want to stick to calling into WIP there buddy. I think the Phils FO has been terrible, and maybe “great” was an overstatement, but Franco is 22 in AAA where the average age is 28…he needs to learn plate discipline but he’s tearing the cover off the ball in the last month or two.

        Crawford wouldn’t be ready next season anyway. He’s in A+ right now and Rollins has had a pretty productive season (~3+ WAR which means he’s actually exceeded his contract, but he doesn’t run to first base sometimes….).

        Nola has the ceiling of a 2, and he throws mid 90’s with a great K/BB…still a lot of value in that. Not every first round pick can be Cole Hamels, but you probably hate him because he’s not Chase Utley.

        1. You should stick to listening to WIP. Sports radio is for idiots.

          Quoting average age of AAA players? Really? You should know how ridiculous that is. A bunch of career minor leaguers skew that average heavily. It means nothing. You know who else tore the cover off the ball for a month or two at a time? Dom Brown. Franco may turn out to be a better hitter than Brown but I’m not optimistic with this FO’s track record.

          We agree on Crawford, I just take every shot at the FO that I can. I don’t care how well Rollins has played, he shouldn’t be on this team. They should be trotting young guys out there every day. But they don’t have those young guys.

          Nola, as I said, may be a good mid-rotation guy. That’s nice, but it’s nothing to get overly excited about.

          You can’t say either of the last two drafts were great, good, bad or otherwise. We simply don’t know right now. But, again, the track record of the men making the decisions doesn’t leave me full of hope.

          The only way you could consider two years worth of draft picks “great” is if all 3 turned into above average major league players. If not, 3 players does not a great class make.

          Players don’t have to be Cole Hamels or Chase Utley to make me excited. They don’t have to be franchise greats. I’m intrigued by Nola and Crawford. But a couple interesting prospects isn’t going to give me great hope.

  3. Well, there were a few young guys under control and cheap doing some good things last night. Ruff > Howard, Giles> Adams, Theres Asche, Galvis hitting last night and Revere is actually becoming a damn good batter. It’s not all shit Son. Watch the games, don’t be “ILLIN”

  4. excitement can be had the day they announce Ruben has been fired. And by fired I mean gone from the organization, not given another role. he singlehandedly destroyed this team. i’d prefer he be hit by a car, but firing him will be ok. And if he isn’t fired I will watch even less that I watched this year which has been about 15 innings all season. This team makes me sick

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