The Phillies’ Twitter Account Has Its Legs Wide Open and Is for Sale

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I’m all for Twitter advertising. I do it sometimes. But the Phillies are sort of a public institution and this just feels gross. Also, sponsored Tweets should come with some sort of disclaimer that they’re advertising, as obvious as it may already be.


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  1. A Major League Baseball team is advertising via social media? What’s next? Plastering advertisements all over the outfield wall?!?! Welcome to the 2000’s Kyle

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  3. The Yankees twitter feed has a recent tweet advertising Norton anti-virus software. The Red Sox are advertising their own wine and JetBlue. The St. Louis Cardinals have a tweet for Krispy Kreme.

    Looks like a pretty standard MLB practice to me, Kyle. Maybe do a little research next time. Don’t let your sad little vendetta against the Phillies twitter guy stand in the way of objectivity.

  4. Look guys, it’s pretty tough to post relevant, factual things after a marathon round of masturbating to interracial porn.

  5. Short sighted Kyle. You saw shameless advertising, I saw the only way Rube could admit that all his moves have been a failure and this team is done. Or else the Phillies Twitter Rep needs to be interviewed for the GM spot, since they’re the only ones who will admit the truth.

    :::::Insert Racist / Homophobic / Phallic Comment Here:::::

  6. The outfield is plastered with ads, Tom McCarthy drones on about W.B. Mason constantly, and the f*ucking stadium is named after a bank. A sponsored tweet though… No, no, no. That’s where Kyle Scott draws the line! :rolleyes:

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