The Washington Post Talks Chip Kelly, Calls him a “Force to be Reckoned With”

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Washington Post, in what I can only assume was really a spy mission for the Redskins, features a long piece on Chip Kelly’s offense with quotes from some Eagles defenders and Kelly himself. The paper called Kelly’s freshman-year offense a “loud, bold declaration that he would be a force to be reckoned with in professional football rather than the next coming of Lou Holtz, Steve Spurrier or Nick Saban,” and asked Coach Kelly about prepping for defenses who are a little more ready this time around:

We don’t change for change sake … I mean, you self-scout yourself and you’re five for five on a certain pass pattern, you don’t say, ‘We’re not gonna call it again because they know it’s coming.’ You know, they still have to stop you in certain situations. It’s still football. That’s just the talking season. Guys will say they’ve had time to figure it out. I’ve said it since day one: We don’t do anything revolutionary offensively. We run inside zone or outside zone. We run a sweep play. We run a power play. We’ve got a five-step [passing] game. We’ve got a three-step game. We run some screens. We’re not doing anything that has never been done before in football.

Kelly also denies he was part of (or even heard anything about) any conversations about the referees being able to keep up with fast-paced offenses. Theres a bunch more over here and it’s a pretty entertaining (if not overwhelmingly informative) read.


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  1. …maybe …maybe not…maybe go fuck yourself….my theory on feds is they’re like mushrooms….feed them shit and keep them in the dark..

  2. Kyle, this is getting ridiculous. Do you or your lackey have any original insights to offer us about the Eagles? We are two weeks into training camp and have not heard a word about where guys are playing, how well they’re playing, etc. Remember when you used to cover Chip’s unconventional coaching style? We’re looking for anything from you at this point. All you’ve posted so far is crap about DeSean and photos of the Cowboys shirtless.

    You’re supposed to be the voice of the fans and you’re letting us down big time. Stop worrying about the next cliche you can sublimate onto a cheap t-shirt and start writing some original content.

    1. “You’re supposed to be the voice of the fans and you’re letting us down big time.”

      Who the hell ever said Kyle was the voice of the fans? If you expect original analysis of the Eagles, you’re certainly nowhere near the right place. Try something like Bleeding Green Nation or Iggles Blitz for that.

      If you wanna see the latest Instagram post from DeSean Jackson about his coach’s son or a review of a movie that came out two years ago, well now you’re in the right place.

    1. Ah Steph sweety,I don’t mean to complain but the eggs were runny and the dishes are still dirty so could you get back in the kitchen and scramble up the eggs the way I like them.

      And one last thing honeybunch,when you did the laundry,the shit – stains in my tighty whiteys didn’t come all the way out,so you should use more bleach babe.

      Thanks so much Steph(Love U).

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