There’s Some True Detective Shit Going on in New Jersey Today

Photo: NBC 10
Photo: NBC 10

From NBC 10:

Police responded to a wooded area of Camden County for an investigation Friday morning.

Local authorities remained mum on what officers were looking for along the 400 block of Berlin New Freedom Road in Winslow Township around 8:30 a.m.

From 6 ABC:

Police are trying to determine if a bloody scene at a New Jersey cemetery is tied to a religious or gang-related ceremony.

Six bloody machetes, six dead chickens and one injured bird were found along with blood on tombstones in Rosehill Cemetery in Linden.

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25 Responses

  1. So….this is what we should expect for the weekends?…

    Is there a Sports related angle to this news story ?

    Or…are you looking to morph Crossing Broad into a “jack of all trades” type of blog?


  2. apropos of nothing (other than true detective) this was my favorite part

    Father-in-law: How’s that case coming? The big one?

    Marty: I’m working it, you know.

    Father-in-law: Things like that didn’t happen in these parts when I was young. People said “mam” and “sir.” Families stayed together…

    Marty: That’s how it was, huh?

    Father-in-law: Not all the time. But there was more dignity. Everyone wasn’t out in the streets yelling about their rights.

    Marty: Yeah, well…if it was so great then they never would have changed.

    Father-in-law: So you’re telling me the world isn’t getting worse? I’ve seen kids today. All in black, wearing make-up, sh_t on their faces. Everything’s “sex.” “Clinton!”

    Marty: You know, throughout history I bet every old man probably said the same thing. But old men die, and the world keeps spinning.

  3. This stuff goes on fairly often around Reading, PA. i would imagine in every big city where you have minorities.

  4. 50% chance of Haitians. They are still hugely into voodoo.

    50% chance of Mexican/Central American Santa Muerte death cult freaks.

    1. it was me and john rocker, I won the night of drinking. A couple hookers and 8 balls later, and things got weird.

    2. I`m gonna throw out another theory…

      This location was right round the corner from the stabbing of that nurse last week….in front of her young child..

      What`s to say the suspect ( nurses bf ) was not holed up in that trailer on the property ?

      I know reading the story the other day that the guy was nabbed in Atlantic City soon thereafter….so I dunno if he`s still in jail or was bailed out…

      Just some thoughts on a sports blog that has now gone in a different direction this weekend..

      1. …i formally strip you of your detective powers…please go back to writing parking tickets

    1. cause if you are in someway handicapped, I’ll feel bad.

  5. Just some Mexican pickers stopping in a park to have lunch… nothing to see here. We interviewed the caretaker Al Tru.

  6. “Gang Related ritual” Haitian Dominican Island chain voodoo that u do.
    funny, I got a text this morning about response vehicles and Bambulances headed to that location.
    some “Serpent and the Rainbow” shit.
    Santaria etc

  7. Sacrificial and religious shit like this is so retarded. There’s no devil or god and you should really go do something productive with your life. Rather than base every action and impulse on some imaginary spirit or idol. It honestly boggles my mind that anyone actually believes in and wastes their time with any of that.

  8. This is what happened if we allow so many illegal aliens and cultures in our country and to me, this is very disrepectful to all loved ones and their families. I wonder if anyone see anything and if they did, didn’t say anything, fearing they will lose their heads or killed. People are weird.

  9. Police shot and killed David St Pierre, 42, 9am yesterday on New Freedom Rd.
    same road as this Santaria ritual.

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