This Really Grinds My Gears

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This drives me nuts.

You see this sort of thing a lot from weather and other local news pepople like Siri Bill Henley, who insist on teasing their on-air spots or giving you easily-available-online-information like it’s a public service of some sort. Examples:

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Nothing against Brian Seltzer – I’m sure his SportsCenter update was great – since he’s not the only one to do this, but his Tweet, as wells as all of these, are completely useless. THE WEB, as a medium, is consumer focused. It doesn’t care about what you have to promote. It’s a free-roam democracy in every sense of the word. Sort of like how video games in the late-90s introduced the open-world concept, where you could go anywhere, do anything, and not play the game in a linear series of checkpoints defined by some other being. Old school, mainstream media is the platform gamer, presenting information when and how it wants. The Internet is Super Mario 64 (or, if you prefer, Grand Theft Auto)– go wherever you want, mostly in whatever order you want. Point is: Media folks pretending like they’re the gatekeeper of some great, secret factoid that only they can distribute is as tone-deaf as it is pointless. It’s silly to think that someone who’s connected enough to be using Twitter would really feel the need to tune in for an exclusive weather report, score update, or coach’s quote. I’m all for promoting genuinely interesting or unique things online (if 97.5 tweeted about an upcoming interview for Lenny Dykstra, for example), but tweeting a silly teaser for something that could be found by a simple Google search is just a waste of time. It’s the same idea as when a reporter or news outlet Tweets a widely available factoid and acts as if they’re your only source of this cherised information:

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Sans 140-character limit, here’s another way to rewrite Seltzer’s Tweet: If you’re not in your car listening (and, really, why would you be since you’re reading this right now?), see if you can find an old in-home radio or go to our website and launch the live player (but make sure you have flash installed first!), because we’re going to play for you audio of a comment a football coach made to dozens of reporters which you could just Google in the time that it takes you to tune in.

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I’d estimate that preciesely no one tuned in solely to hear the SportsCenter update. Or turned on NBC 10 to see Hurricane’s weather report instead of just going here. Or has ever interacted with a Bill Henley Tweet. I don’t know. Am I an astute observer? Am I an asshole? Tune in tonight at 11 to find out… or, just Google it.

UPDATE: This is what I’m talking about:

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21 Responses

  1. Of course noted Kyle Scott hater @meechone is quoted.

    P.S. Light-hearded [sic] was the biggest vilation in that tweet.

  2. Yes son. You are indeed an asshole if you let innocent tweets get under your skin. I’d think the “light-hearded” thing was much more annoying. But not that you’d notice THAT.

  3. This is fucking dreadful. I come here to make fun of this cuntbag and for pictures of Jason Kelce drinking down the shore.

    Either post funny and amusing pictures or just stop. You can’t write. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Stop. It.

  4. I like that article that dude wrote back in 2012… Certainly still hits the nail on the head.

    “Someone like him who panders to the lowest common denominator, is noted for plagiarizing, and who ignores logic, rationality, and research in favor of irrationality, hypocrisy, and racism, should not have relevancy.”

    Welcome to Philly Justin Fffffff. Where we like our sports as illogical as possible with a heaping side irrationality and topped with a cherry of racism.

    Kyle Scott you may be in fact be a raging douche… But you’re our raging douche. And that’s how we like it.

    Go fuck yourself Justin F. if you’re still writing shitty blog posts that is.

    That is all….

  5. What the fuck are you talking about? How are any of those tweets fundamentally different than your example of 97.5 tweeting about an interview with Lenny Dykstra? Other than level of intrigue, theyre the same in that theyre promoting the product of the company they work for. Weathermen and radio broadcasters dont simply operate within the confines (or lack there of) of the internet; their main delivery method is still via tv and radio respectively. Clearly you dont have much of a clue about marketing, at least outside the blogosphere, because no big business, no matter how much competition the internet gives them, from a PR and marketing standpoint is going to just say, “Fuck it, people can google this shit.” Thatd be retarded. The internet, as you say, is consumer based…So why would those stations neglect the opportunity to reach thousands upon thousands of consumers? Purely because the information seems trivial? Again –retarded. Marketing 101: Get your brand out at any opportunity, no matter what. Again, not sure what marketing laurels you have to stand on, but most companies still send out newsletters, postcards and other things that contain information that would probably fit into the category you seem to dislike. But they still do it because at the very least it still promotes brand recognition. Not sure what prompted you to go on this rant, but it makes very little sense.

    1. And also, judging from the fact that Internet Explorer is still the most used (or close to it) browser on the net, the fact that older people are generally tech stupid, and the fact that twitter is full of dumbasses and trolls, I dont think that youre correct in assuming that everyone who uses twitter will just easily google something. And also, people might see a tweet and tune into a broadcast because theyre familiar with the product. Consumers follow people like weathermen and radio broadcasters. They have fanbases and followings. Why? Because theyve marketed their brand 100 million times over. If I see a tweet from Sheena Parveen saying shes got the inside scoop on a hurricane, I’m tuning in because I like her and want to see her rockin tits in addition to just getting the weather from a rando weather source on google. As easy as it is to google something like the weather, its not as personalized as a physical human that im familiar with and like. If theres even the smallest percentage of people that you can reach via twitter, a completely FREE medium btw, again why would you pass that up?

    2. One thought: Link to the fucking website where you also generate advertising revenue and stop insulting people’s intelligence by telling them to tune in for commoditized “news.”

      1. Agreed about linking. Either theyre stupid or theyre also probly trying to get people to tune in. As for whatever you mean by tuning in for commoditized news- A) Im not sure how many people’s intelligences are getting insulted by a harmless tweet. Again, they still have an on air product to promote, and the internet is a good tool for that. They advertise their internet presence on TV, why not advertise their TV presence on the internet? B) Unlike the papers, theres obviously still a big and consistent market for tv and radio and the commoditized news that goes along with it.

      2. Speaking as someone who has run a website that also had a corresponding tv channel, the trail runs like this:
        the social accounts are handled by marketing departments 》who in turn hire social media “gurus”》generally follow the latest trends》leads to the intrigue/ambiguous post because = clicks. just be thankful they haven’t gone full into the unworthy/buzzfeed B.S. yet (it coming, trust me “a helicopter took off in south Jersey, you’ll heart will break when you see what happened next”)
        These people, without fail, SUCK.

        To answer the question why push to tv instead of web for the ad revenue? Simple answer there. They are tasked with increasing tv ratings, ads sales on site still bring in a shit more than cpc ads on digital ad campaigns.

      3. tv stations barely generate any revenue from their websites. they generate revenue from their…you know, tv stations.

  6. “Do you know what happened today?” was great in the 60’s but now i have a smartphone, laptop and the internet so i don’t have to wait until 4, 5, 6, 7 or 11. just stahp.

  7. I’ll see bro I usually defend you but this is by far the stupidest article everything on this website in the history of this website this is the stupidest articles anyone’s ever seen love boron

  8. unfortunately I usually defend you but this is hands down the worst article that’s ever been seen on this website by far the stupidest and worst and did I mention worst date you’ve ever written keep this s*** to yourself brother so sad boron foreign bornii

  9. “…giving you easily-available-online-information like it’s a public service of some sort.”

    Reminds me of a blog I requent.

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