Tomorrow’s Pre-season Game Will Be the First NFL Game Marcus Smith Has Ever Been to

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Tomorrow night, when the Eagles take the field at Soldier Field to face the Bears in the first pre-season game of Marcus Smith’s career, it will also be the first NFL game Marcus Smith has ever been to. According to Matt Lombardo, Smith never made it to the Georgie Dome to catch his hometown Falcons while he was growing up. Smith said:

“Yeah, this moment is going to be great, just the first preseason game and it’s also the first preseason game that I’m playing in, it’s also the first NFL game that I’ve been to … My Dad will be out there watching me play, so it will be a great day for me. When we were in Atlanta, we never went up to a Falcons game so this will be the first game that I’m at and the first game I’m playing in.”

I’m really glad that the first game he ever gets to see is one where he’ll be on the field and his dad will be in the stands and all, but then how will he enjoy the overpriced beers and “I probably shouldn’t have eaten that” hot dogs? HOW?


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  1. How did I know that horrible joke at the end was Jim, without even reading who’s post it was?

  2. Sorry to break it to you Marcus, you still won’t be at a real NFL game.

    Pre-season is a cruel joke to rob season-ticket holders of their cash.

  3. Although this is not a REAL game, all of the “christkilling” owners make you PAY FULL PRICE for a dogshit event with at least 80% of the plays by guys, including this fucking guy, who is NOT AN NFL PLAYER.

    Thanks Nephew Howie you piece of fucking gefilte fish shit.

    1. Howie has done a very commendable job since taking over for Heckert… I think AR had more to do with the Watkins pick, as he was still considered a GM of the team during that draft.

  4. “‘I probably shouldn’t have eaten that’ hot dogs”

    You probably have that feeling a lot in your everyday life, huh Jimbo?

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