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Sixers Draft Pick You Forgot About Will Play in League You Didn’t Know About

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan McRae, one of the 400 players the 76ers drafted in the 2nd round this year, is going to be playing pro basketball in Australia. McRae was the 58th pick of the 2014 draft and traded to the 76ers from the Spurs, and will now suit up for Melbourne United in the NBL. McRae was named to the Second Team of the Summer League’s All-NBA squad when he averaged 21 points on 50% shooting in four appearances.

One report thinks the Sixers retain the right to call McRae back to the NBA until January, but if not, he’ll spend the year playing in the same league as Josh Childress. And that is what Josh Childress is up to.

This Evolution of Madden Video Reminds You How Many Hours and Hours You’ve Played These Games

The video above, via Barstool, shows the evolution of every few years of the Madden video game franchise over the past 26 years. It’s gotten me excited to play Madden 15, but I’d also be fine pulling out Maddens 02/03/04.

Soothsayer Larry Mendte Says the Eagles Won’t Win the Super Bowl

Call of the parade, Eagles fans, the harbinger of Eagles success has announced that they will not win a Super Bowl this year, so let’s just pack it up. That Nostradamus of professional football is Larry Mendte, and he just knows this year is not the year:

After false prophets who came to Philadelphia and fell short of leading us to the Promised Land, Eagles fans believe they have found their Messiah. And I am now put in the unenviable position of having to yell at the Chipnotized, “Snap out of it! It’s not going to happen this year!”

That hurts to admit. There are just way too many questions. I believe Nick Foles can and will be a star in this league. But, the defense is still suspect, as is the kicker. Depth is also a problem. What happens if offensive linemen Jason Peters or running back LeSean McCoy gets hurt? Injuries at key positions are inevitable. The Eagles don’t have the depth at most positions to compensate.

The great prognosticator of the Philadelphia fan has spoken, and his will shall be done.


8 Responses

  1. No kidding they won’t win it. Very good team but not ready to compete with the 49ers and Seahawks of the world even though WIP with the Fellas in the afternoon would tell you different.

  2. Madden football is shit and has been so for years. The NFL should have never sold Electronic Arts (regularly voted the most hated company is all of video games) exclusive rights. The lack of competition in this segment is awful for gamers on so many levels, but people will continue mindlessly eating that shit up anyway.

    NFL 2K5 is still better than any game in the Madden franchise.

  3. Larry Mendte can be seen making appearances at a hotdog stand on the boardwalk in OCNJ. book it.

    1. Mendte is on WABC radio in New York and hosts a show on MeTV. I think he’s doing okay.

  4. I’ll give this to Mendte, the dude did predict that the Eagles would win the division last year when no one else was making that kind of prediction. So he may have some skills.

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