Attn. Rich Idiots: The LeSean McCoy $.20 Tip Receipt is now Going for Over $80k

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A quick click-around in the bidding history shows at least a few questionable bids on LeSean McCoy’s now-infamous $.20 tip receipt — the current leading bidder has withdrawn 11 bids in the last 30 days alone, for example — but if you want it to be yours by the end of the auction, you’ll probably have to shell out more money than it would cost to plan a couple of events, host them, and pay LeSean to actually show up at them. Both of those options are a terrible way to spend $80,000+, but one is definitely cooler.


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    1. today is unprecedented for me. i actually found myself agreeing with gargano (regarding papelbon) and missanelli (regarding AP.) to agree with either of those fucktards and to do so in the same day is disturbing for me.

      1. I’d rather listen to Rosie O’Donnell and Queen Latifah for an hour talk about getting their periods,before I waste one second listening to mr know it all Missanelli.

        1. agreed, but there is no choice for me on the work ride home. its either gargano or misanelli. i usually listen to which one pains me less that day, but im going to take faux kyle’s advice and seek help. i dont want to spiral out of control and find myself to be a regular caller who seeks advice on whether something is a violation or not.

  1. Story won’t die. Jim no one is going to pay 80k for it you goon. There is no legal obligation to buy anything you bid on. Gullible.

  2. This is clearly fake bidding. I wanted to do it too but I wasn’t gonna up it that high. This will only continue to grow into even more fake bids. AND IT SHOULD!

  3. Anyone can create an eBay account and bid on an item and not pay. You’ll get a warning from eBay but nothing to stop you from creating another eBay account. Gag auctions and bids on eBay all the time.

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