Brent Celek Would Like to Sell You This $1,400 Bag

The Washburn Weekender by REVISIT
The Washburn Weekender by REVISIT

Much like Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, Brent Celek’s “lifestyle brand” REVISIT features some items that are more affordable to someone in his own tax bracket. Take, for example, that very nice bag above, which costs $1,400 (at least it’s nice). What makes REVISIT different is that we don’t already hate Brent Celek and some of the stuff is more affordable and a portion of their proceeds goes into our National Parks. I mean, I’d buy a $1,400 bag if I had the disposablei income to buy a $1,400 bag, but this iPhone case looks very nice and is fairly affordable. Plus, the website makes me feel like a cool outdoorsman who just woke up to a misty lake after camping on a mountainside, rather than a dude with no shoes on in need of his first iced coffee of the day.


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  1. Are you serious with the 125 dollar phone case being affordable? Its a fucking phone case. Unless its made from solid platinum or some sort of rare space metal — or it strokes my penis on command– no phone case should be anywhere near that expensive. Maybe after I unload a hundo on a phone protector ill go spend 300 dollars on a case of natty ice and burn 75 dollars on a single pair of socks.

  2. You know who has the disposable income to afford a $1,400 bag? Me. Hang in there Jim, you’ll be making 6 figures too some day.

  3. And that bag blows. If you’re really going to use it for traveling , it’s going to get heavy. The shoulder strap needs some padding and the handles need to be sturdier.

    1. I like a nice leather weekender bag, but I agree that the straps don’t look tough enough to handle carrying a weekend’s worth of stuff.

  4. As far as designer cases go, these are damn nice and actually nice looking (says the guy with a $12 Amazon Basics phone case). If these are as shock resistant as they look, it’s not a far jump from a $75 rugged phone case for something that actually looks nice. Plus $125 is “relatively” affordable in relation to the $1400 price tag of the bag being discussed (which is actually a really nice bag). Compare that with other “premium” brand phone cases starting over $200 and you see the point being made.

    I met Brent Celek and couple other players out in the wild once outside a restaurant in center city. He signed autographs, posed for pictures…seemed pretty cordial. Jason Kelce was basically grabbing peoples cameras, taking selfies with them, joking around, organizing random group shots, and just being a goofball. Celek wasn’t quite that friendly, but seemed to be pretty nice to everyone.

    In general, stop being such dickbags about every fucking detail and acting like everyone in Philly is dirt poor. We’re working class but, come on guys, we’re not all poor schlubs. We can have nice things.

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