Chip Kelly’s Plays Have Weird Names

I played all three sports besides football growing up, so I understand none of this. I’m not sure anyone does. But lots of load and blow. LOAD 13 BREES. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

But for real, bad look by ESPN here showing the plays.

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  1. All teams will you different terminology but the keys are the “L” and “R” words. That designates the formation. So “Load/Rock” represent a particular position/player/ or groups of players. If the formation is “Load” whoever “Load” is lines up on the left side. If the call is “Rock” that person player lines up on the right. “Lou/Roy” represent another player/groups of players and operates under the same left/right principle.

    The gaps are numbered even on the right side (it can start at 0 so 0,2,4,6) and odd on the left (1,3,5,7). Notice how the first play has 13 on the left and 12 on the right. Load 13 and Rock 12 are the same play (one is a right formation and running right, one is a left formation running left). The plays both have “B” words so I assume that’s a RB blast.

    “Pickle” is run 6/7 so that’s a play to the outside. “P” might stand for pitch so “6 pickle” is a pitch to the right. The play also might be called pickle because the path of the run is long and loopy (like a pickle).

    “Tony” is probably the tight end, so “Tony Hash” probably means that the TE probably lines up on the short side of the field (where the Hash is). “Z” is the receiver who lines up opposite the tight end. In 142, one of the numbers represents the drop of the QB (maybe 1 is a 3 step drop 2 is a 5 step drop), the second # possible indicates the lines blocking, and the final # represents the route Z will run. Notice it’s 142 or 143. If it’s on the left side it’s a 2 route (which might be a post since he’s one the same side as the tight end and would have move field space to work with) and 3 is probably a corner (it’s the same route as a post but in the opposite direction).

    You asked “What the hell does that mean?” So I tried to tell you. Next time don’t ask.

    1. 100% correct. It’s not too hard to break it down and anyone who has actually played the game can more or less figure it out. The thing I don’t like is it getting leaked at all. Bad form ESPN for airing this.

  2. You thought this was about the Eagles beating the Colts. No, wait till AP gets home he is going to give you a licking for staying up late to watch the Eagles game.

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