Donovan McNabb Needs to Get off My TV

Donovan McNabb went on FOX Sports Live last night and again doubted Nick Foles’ ability to be a starter in the league, even broaching the subject of benching him in favor of Mark Sanchez:

“As fans, as media members, we get excited when we see a quarterback put up great numbers one year, but the next year, doesn’t follow and the following year they lose their job. And not saying that would happens with Nick Foles… but let’s see what happens this year.”

I wonder what, exactly, Five has seen in Foles – after 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions – that would lead him to say something like that. Really, I wonder. His logic is basically RGIII had a bad second year so Foles will, too. And what’s with that smug Well, you know at the end? WTF was that? F off, Five. F off.

I bet you Foles didn’t return one of McNabb’s calls.


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  1. Sorry but I have to agree with #5 here. Last year was an aberration and it will never happen again. You can’t just go by stats. It was all a result of Chip Kelly’s system. Foles is a great student and knows how to run the offense but brains can only get you so far. He barely passes as a professional athlete out there. He looks exactly like he is…a basketball player playing football…slow, uncoordinated, and just awkward. If we’re gonna base everything on stats though, he already threw more interceptions in 3 pre-season games than he did all of last season…uh oh…

    1. You say that Foles’ numbers were all a result of Chip Kelley’s system and the fact that Foles is a great student and knows how to run the offense. Well guess what, Foles is still going to be smart and he’s still going to be in Chip’s system. 27 and 2 might not happen, but Foles won’t collapse and potentially lose his job to Mark Sanchez like McNabb suggests.

        1. I think if the defense improves to the point of being a top 5 D Foles can win one. A really good defense has a way of making your quarterback look better than he really is.

      1. Watched Mcmouth on Fox sooo bad had to turn him OFF. I think he is jealous of Nick and does not want the team to have success with him. Very bitter.

  2. While you’re at it, can you get Baldinger and Barkann off the radio waves? Both are beyond brutal. Barkann is more annoying than than a chick asking questions during the Super Bowl . If he gives a caller some stupid nickname or puts them in “the hopper” one more time I may wait for him to leave work to give him an atomic wedgie.

    Baldinger flip flops more than a fish out of water and his heavy breathing and lip smacking like a god damn camel with cotton mouth make me want to drive into oncoming traffic.

    This is a major market, how can there not he decent sports talk hosts? Don’t even get me started on Marks and Brace. It’s embarassing that Brace is on the radio at all.

  3. “I wonder what, exactly, Five has seen in Foles – after 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions – that would lead him to say something like that.”

    It’s not what he “did” see. It’s what he “can’t” see. Donavan “can’t” see Foles as being better than he was. His ego won’t let him see that as a possibility. Not until it actually happens.

    Anywhere from 6 to 16 interceptions per season for “five”. He averaged in 12 seasons (not including Minn) 19 TD’s and 9 int per season. So yeah, compared to Foles rookie season “five” kinda sucks. So yeah, he undoubtedly can’t maintain what he did in season 1, but damn it was better than any Mcnabb ever saw. EVER SAW.

  4. I would’ve liked a quarterback who didn’t puke all over himself during the most important drive of his life but…”Ya’Know”

  5. ” Jeff Garcia is no longer in this town because of the Ego of one man ”
    – Hugh Douglas

    Athletic QB’s rarely beat a cerebral QB. better decisions with the ball.

    Foles and McCoy and Sproules are gonna light it up.

  6. Honestly, McNabb is just pissed because it’s a lose, lose situation for #5. McNabb never won a super bowl here so Foles doesn’t need to win a super bowl to be compared to #5. Secondly, if Foles keeps on his pace over his career he will have better numbers then McNabb, so he is sour about that too. Foles is praised here, and McNabb was not. Foles has had the odds stacked against him since he got here, and he overcame them. While McNabb never lived up to expectations.

  7. Watched Mcmouth on Fox had to turn off sooooo bad. You can see he is clearly jealous of Nick especially with the snarky Sanchez comment.

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