Eagles Cheerleaders to Unveil Calendar During Fashion Show at Xfinity Live

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What can possibly go wrong?

Starting at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow at Xfinity Live, the Eagles Cheerleaders will debut their eco-friendly (very important) swimsuit calendar. According to a press release, “The show will begin with the cheerleaders modeling their eco-friendly bikinis as the images from the calendar are revealed for the first time on the screens.” There will also be a screening of some “Swimsuit Calendar mobile app videos,” and the night will finish up with the announcement of the cover model and a calendar signing session. The press release continues to call the the Eagles Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar “one of the most innovative calendars” in sports, which really doesn’t mean anything. But it’s not here to make sense. It’s here to show you pictures of Eagles cheerleaders in various stages of undress, on a beach in Mexico, at a rate of one per month. Innovation.

Hello. Are you a mermaid?
Hello. Are you a mermaid?

HANG ON. One of these things is not like the others, from the event’s Facebook page:

Celebrate the return of Eagles Football at our annual Miller Lite Countdown to Kickoff

– Members of the Philadelphia Eagles
– 2015 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar premiere and bikini fashion show
– Performance by Taking Back Sunday

So if someone accused you of being creepy by going to this, just calmly explain to them that the cheerleaders just happened to be there, and you just went to see that emo band you liked ten years ago.

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pics via Eagles Twitter


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  1. Back when I played for the Birds , when football was played by real men, our cheerleaders looked like rejects from the East German women’s weight lifting team. They were attractive if you like a woman with a five o’clock shadow. One year Mr Tose hired a male cheerleader. Late in a game against the Vikings I was sacked by Allan Page, I was so pissed off I got up and threw a 90 mph spiral into the forehead of the mary cheerleader’s forehead sending him backwards into the Gatorade table. He walks around now with a permanent cross in the center of his forehead. Those were the days.

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