Goddamn My Hook Nose

My profile looks like the State of New Jersey.

Regarding the Watkins thing, which, inexplicably, has become a thing: Vinny Vella of the Daily News writes:

“For someone who doesn’t know our policy, it could appear that he was impersonating a firefighter,”Executive Fire Chief Peter Crespo said. “But we have had ride-alongs in the past with media personalities and celebrities.

“This isn’t abnormal.”

Crespo stressed that the investigation into the photos is ongoing – the fire in question took place during previous Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers’ tenure – but that these “ride-alongs” are routine for interns, students, reporters and anyone else willing to sign a waiver.

Such tours have strict rules, though: Participants must suit up in full gear as a safety measure, and aren’t allowed to actually participate in putting out the fire.

Which may explain why Watkins was photographed in full uniform.

Not sure it explains the saw and air pack, but whatevs. The last thing I want to come out of goofy Danny Watkins pictures is trouble for the rank and file men and women of the Fire Department.


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  1. You look like 2nd grader in a school play when they are pulling away from the live shot….
    Where do i go next? Over here? Stand here for now? Huh?

  2. Me! Me! Everybody look at me!!! I was on the television talking gossipy-gossip and pretending to know anything about the Eagles!

    OK it was a show that less than nobody watches, but still lookey at me!!!

  3. PS- You don’t give one fucking shit about the PHL fire dept, never have never will. You just don’t want the heat that comes from your most recent opportunistic page-view cash grab.

  4. “a twitter” aka “moist”

    Watkins being there is exactly what you previously described: he hooked them up with tickets, and they let him ride along to the job. It’s definitely a violation on the FD’s; part, riding along is one thing, but he’s carrying tools wearing a Scott pack, it definitely looks like he was an active part of the job. No way a signed waiver gets you into a burning building.

    Hopefully this investigation just blows over; they probably shouldn’t have done it but Watkins is gone and it will only give the FD negative press.

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