Here’s Donnie Jones Singing “Baby Got Back” to Darren Sproles

This is like fucking Inception. Here’s what I wrote about Sproles exactly two weeks ago:

No but for real, can we talk about his massive legs and ass? Not since Antonio Bastardo and his Centaur-like figure have we been introduced to a butt like this. He’s built like Nicki Minaj. Turns out that sort of thing is good for an all-purpose NFL back. MY ANACONDA DON’T, MY ANACONDA DON’T.

And today, this video of Donnie Jones singing the original Baby Got Back to him. Weird.

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14 Responses

  1. Darren Sproles should’ve stood on a chair and punched Donnie Jones in the mouth.

    Now Sproles has to look over his shoulder everytime Donnie is in the shower.


  2. ( to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)
    “Windmill spin, windmill spin
    spinning every day
    Oh what fun it is to take….. your money on Sunday….hey”.

  3. What will Master Jeff charge for a pint of porter should the Eagles play here ? Replies appreciated, cheerio then my good man.

  4. First time I ever watched a Nikki Minaj video. Goo God. That is pretty much is porn with clothes, and I like it a lot.

  5. I go to this site all the tkme and generally like it. But the fucking four dumbass surveys I have to fill out every time I try to check if you’ve posted your third article of the week are getting really annoying. Not coming to this site anymore.

  6. Another gay post.

    I love cock just like the next guy but I don’t want to take a Darren Sproles load in my face like you do.

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