Here’s Merrill Reese’s Call of Cody Parkey’s Game-Winning Field Goal

Photo credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, finally somebody posted Merrill Reese’s call of Cody Parkey’s game-winning field goal online. dug it up, and it’s glorious:

Voila_Capture 2014-09-16_01-18-21_PM

Gotta love Mike Quick completely ruining the call.

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67 Responses

    1. Fuck you Merrill Reese should’ve been given his walking papers years ago.

      If you could just have the doctors surgically remove your head from up the old decrepit ass of Merrill Reese,you would know what I’m talking about.

      1. My point exactly. You are
        1) trolling for your own lulz
        2) not an eagles fan
        3) mentally encumbered/still in grade school

        1. I’m 4) A diehard Eagles fan who unlike you,knows an overrated broadcaster when I hear one,which is why I don’t listen to the Eagles radio broadcast.

          1. we don’t want you as a Birds fan you arent welcome here you are a fraud you obviously don’t know any Eagles real History he is the last of a dying breed of Broadcasters in the city and you’re the scum who doesn’t know a good thing until he doesn’t have it anymore the only thing stupider than you iswhat’s Kyle saying that mike messed up the call just by laughing. It was a perfect fcking moment 94 1 had Mike and MDr 2 day and everyone loved the call except you the Romo loving fuck.

  1. Is Mike Quick becoming the Chris Wheeler of the Eagles broadcast booth? His “what a moment” absolutely killed my woody.

  2. Merrill Reese can lick my sweaty balls. Dude is annoying and is on WIP way too much. Just announce the game and stop talking football on WIP. He’s a homer like Dave Spadaro.

    1. I agree with this dude Brandon. Merrill Reese screams way too much. Unprofessional whore. Harry Kalas never had to do that to be as great as he was.

  3. If you dont like Reese, turn off the radio, ya phuckin morons! The dude’s excitement is fun, leave him alone, oh wait this is Philly….I forgot..EVERYONE gets ripped in this city.

    1. We do turn off the radio during the Birds games. Unfortunately, WIP replays the attention whore’s calls every 5 minutes. It’s impossible to escape this fuck known as Merrill Reese. He’s everywhere.

        1. I’ve been listening to WIP for over 20 years. No. The answer isn’t that I should turn them off during the football season. The answer is for them to stop telling me how great Merrill Reese is and shoving him down my fucking throat. Enough is enough.

    2. STFU you moms basement dwelling faggot.

      Only clowns like you worship at the feet of a has been like Merrill Reese.

      Dude is overrated,and brings zero in depth analysis of what’s actually going on on the field.

      Tom McGinnis is way better than him,and has to do play by play of shitty Sixers games,solo mind you where as Merrill has a sidekick in Mike Quick.

      1. Bravo UglyFox29TrafficSlut. You understand how real announcing works, unlike the rest of these idiots that think tenure (Merrill Reese) equates to great announcing.

          1. I’m not the same person. I’m sure that Mr. Scott could look it up. 2 different IP addresses. Sorry. Many fans think Reese sucks.

          2. wow you both responded to each of your comments within 10-15mins,

            with no post happening at the same time.

            what a coincidence

          3. real, you are a douchebag that has no “real” opinion on anything. If you love Merrill Reese because you can’t differentiate between the success of the Eagles and their terrible announcing, so be it. I can think for myself and don’t drink the same kool aid you do.

      2. hahah that didn’t take long!! Get back to work ya hater of genuinely excited and enthusiastic radio broadcasters…… your not going to win, so just stop the negativity and go help some old lady cross the street or something!

        …Times yours

        1. Merrill Reese isn’t enthusiastic. He’s a clown homer that is unprofessional with how he calls the game. Like the dude below said, he misses the basics that every competent announcer would state in a given game (yard line, clock & substitutions). He’s too fucking busy yelling and being an attention whore. Worse play-by-play announcer this city ever had in the 4 major sports.

        2. Mom, Bob isn’t me. You and I have had some back and forth in the past about the Flyers. The ‘new’ Bob is just an asshat and the proof is in his comments about Merrill. The Fox 29 Traffic still hasn’t figured out she’s left town. Flyers season coming up soon!

          1. Pretty sick

            of these people stealing my handle.

            This isn’t the real Bob, stop listening to him and stealing my handle

    3. he reminds me of Gene Hart I personally love the excitement by the way he has the been the voice of the eagles for 37 years. Would sound right without Merill.

  4. Merrill got his job broadcasting the Eagles on WIP in 1977 after Eagles play by play man Charlie Swift committed suicide

  5. I agree Quick ruins it. He’s done that before ruining the dramatic moment of Reese’s call by throwing in some lame comment.

  6. They should replace mike quick with Barkcann. Imagine all the screaming in that booth

  7. I work hard all day, come home and look forward to watching my favorite commercials but the NFL insists on trying to put a game on in between them! I can’t get enough of that little lizard and Flo.

    1. Every time Berman said “the Raaaaaiiiiderrrrs” during the pregame I wanted to punch my TV. His shtick is tired and weak.

      1. you want to talk about someone who just needs to go away already….chris berman! i stopped watching the homerun derby years ago because he is such a jackass during it. besides his raiders shtick, i’m tiring of hearing his, “no one circles the wagons like the buffalo bills.” however, its still not as annoying as when he does that high-pitched “whooooop” when a clip shows a player making a juke move.

    1. True fact.
      I don’t mind the ‘homer’ part, but the dude has no biz on radio. Forgets to mention yard line, clock & substitutions ALL THE FUCKING TIME. And is just plain wrong about the play ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Several times he’s been off by more than 5 yards, what the fuck game is he watching. I’m sure he was great when the pet rock was popular, but he’s awful now.

      1. real, you sound like a “real” dick. Dude above, like you, likes Merrill Reese, but is a 4 for 4 fan. Then you rip the Sixers. You sound like a punk.

          1. @real, you are a fucking punk. Look at the the “On Sports Reporters Being in Bed with Leagues” thread. I commented that this site needs fixed usernames to get rid of punks like you with the multiple comment nonsense.

          2. @UglyFox29TrafficSlut: And this asshole “real” thinks we are the same commenter because we agree on how bad Merrill Reese is. Unbelievable. People like “real” suck from the tit and can’t make a distinction between a professional organization and the announcers that work for them. “real” probably thinks Merrill Reese is the Philadelphia Eagles.

  8. And he did sound foolish when he jumped the gun on that alleged Jeremy Maclin preseason injury which turned out to be nothing

  9. Whether or not one likes Merrill Reese’s broadcasting style is obviously a matter of personal preference, but I don’t find him to be a homer at all. Yeah, he gets excited over big plays and stuff, but he’ll also rip the team if it’s warranted. He did lots of that in the late 90s and the last couple years under Andy Reid.

  10. Anyone know how to get a copy of an Eagles replay with Merrill and Mike? Would love to hear them call today’s incredible win over the Giants. Thanks.

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