Houston TV Station Airs “Tony Romo, Still the Gayest Player on the Cowgirls” Scroll


Not sure how this came about, but here’s an Instagram floating around from FOX 26 in Houston that ran a scroll containing the phrase, and I quote, “Tony Romo, still the gayest player on the cowgirls.”

That’s either some sort of hokey social feedback gone terribly awry, or a production assistant who is about to get fired in a big way. Whatever the case, the Michael Sam distractions have begun in the most delightful way possible for the Cowboysgirls.

via Barstool

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10 Responses

  1. If I had to choose which team would end up with Michael Sam after he was cut I would have first guessed Dallas. Honestly it’s as if this is scripted.

  2. Dallas Cowboys 5 Rings
    NY Giants 4 Rings
    Washington Redskins 3 Rings
    Philthadelphia Pigeons ZERO RINGS

    Until the Pigeons finally win a Super Bowl,Pigeon fans should shut the fuck up!

    1. Yawn. Yeah, and Britain once had the world’s largest empires. Any other history lessons? Maybe you want to point out how Philly fans booed Santa.

    2. Is this THE Cowboy Dave who constantly pollutes the airwaves in this city with his ridiculous nonsense about the Cowgirls and the Rangers?! If so, fuck you BROTHER. Btw, that has less to do with your boring and predictable “rings” comment and more to do with the fact that I’ve been wanting to say that to you for years.

      Call us when the ‘Girls win a Super Bowl this century. Or maybe when they catch Romo and Sam “getting to know each other” in the locker room in mid season. That would make my life.

      1. Thanks for the “compliments” but that aint me up there BROTHER! Not sure who posted that

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