Hunter Pence Dropped about a Dozen F-Bombs on TV

Hunter Pence’s San Francisco Giants clinched the Wild Card last night, and Hunter Pence was very excited. A few years back, Pence fired up his team by saying they were the best team he’d ever been on, and as one player said, “he was pacing, he was getting loud, he was getting excited. He could have said nothing and [it was] how he said it.” Last night he did the same thing, but what he said was a whole lot of words you can’t say on TV.

The best part of Pence’s speech — non TV version here — is in-between the 2nd and 3rd “fuckin”s, someone behind the cameras says “LANGUAGE!” like it’s Pence’s job to keep it clean instead of the TV crews job to cut away. The douche chills are strong in this one, but once again, Pence is playing October baseball and the Phillies aren’t.

h/t Deadspin

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10 Responses

  1. Did I hear him say the word “Jesus”? How dare he! Do we got another crazy like Teebow running around influencing our children with religion!

  2. 1. Most of the Philly Pence-haters would love him if he came back.

    2. He’s a marginal talent, but compared to the product currently on display in our outfield, I would take him back in a heartbeat.

  3. He was upset initially on being traded from the Phillies; I am sure he has changed his tune since he has won a WS ring with the Giants and is now in the post season again. Another dumb move by Amaro since he got nothing in return.

  4. Lol.

    What a collection of poor sports this little shitbag of a site this is.

    You guys were all slobbing on his knob when he was there, now that he’s gone and his current club is exponentially better than the “club” you’re currently fielding he’s a gigantic douche and a poor example for kids…

    You guys might as well get used to it. Remember about 5-6 years ago when the Phillies would come to DC and just roughhouse the Nationals? You guys were INTO it. Most of you jabronis didn’t even realize that while you were enjoying your little run that other, better run teams were currently building championship caliber squads in their farm system. Farm system, you know, where players play BEFORE coming to the Phillies at 36. You losers will be enjoying the basement apartment for the next decade or so with the rest of the bums in the NL East. Instead of wondering who is going to win the division, perhaps it would be more interesting to see who can NOT come in last place. “The Race for Mediocrity! ONLY on MLB Network”.. LMAO @ you fucking scrumbums!

    1. it’s not hunter pence’s job, or any other athlete or public figure’s job, to be a “good example for kids.” it’s your job as a parent to be a good example for your kids.

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