If You Are Donovan McNabb, Would You Consider Donovan McNabb an Elite Quarterback? Yes or No? And Why?

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Donovan McNabb love to ask person question. It him favorite thing to do on Twitter.

He also loves to passive aggressively put down Nick Foles every chances he gets, likely because Foles is already more beloved in Philly than McNabb ever was, save for maybe a three-month span during the 2004 season. And it’s from that three-month span that we get this comparison, courtesy of (@picsmixed) and Bleeding Green Nation, that pits Foles’ first 14 career starts to McNabb’s 14 starts during the 2004 regular season, which was arguably the best stretch of Eagles football ever. They are, by all measures, virtually identical*, and yet McNabb, Hall-of-Famer wannabe, still finds it necessary to criticize Foles.

*Of course, those Midnight Green jerseys aren’t, because Midnight Green is an impossible and stupid color.


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  1. Won’t McNabb please just shut the fuck up…

    And can we please stop talking about him..he does not matter anymore.

  2. I think the funniest part of that chart is where Nick Foles ran for more yards than Donnie.

    Donnie has gone on record to say that Foles was “Slower than a turtle”

    I would personally love it if Foles came out and said “Well you look like fucking Carl Winslow from Family Matters”

    1. Why don’t you try looks at their yards per carry? Yeah Foles has 35 more yards, but also has 24 more attempts. Was Dwight Howard a better foul shooter than Ray Allen last year because he made more total free throws?

      1. Better idea, how about I don’t.

        I was simply making an observation and any moron can understand that his YPC was lower.

        The Dwight Howard/Ray Allen comparison is asinine since one is a choke artist and the other is one of the most deadly shooters in NBA History.

        1. Of course it’s asinine, you fucktard. That’s the whole point. I was pointing out how asinine it is for you to compare Foles and McNabb as runners.

  3. McNabb was definitely beloved in this city a lot longer than just those 4 months in 04’…The guy was a tank. Remember the perfect passer rating on a broken leg? I sure as shit do. He was awesome in his prime. He had a great defense, typically had good RB’s…but until Owens, he had the biggest trash bag of WR’s that has ever graced an NFL roster. Give the jackass SOME credit.

    I can’t stand the guy NOW, but let’s not act like he couldn’tve run for mayor and won for the first half of his stint here.

    Foles is a franchise QB.

    The end.

  4. Here is the thing; I was and am a McNabb fan. Right now as an Eagle he is the best QB we have had in a long time. Will Nick Foles be better? Only time will tell. According to the comparison, Foles is better after 14 games; but will that last long enough to get to and win a Super Bowl? Again only time will tell. Right now it appears that Nick Foles has the ability to do so. If he wins us one Super Bowl and the next year goes down with an injury and never plays at the same level ever again, Philly will undoubtedly look at Foles as the GOAT of Philadelphia QBs and forget about all that McNabb has done. That comes with the territory, and I think McNabb has been scorned and has had a chip on his shoulder for his entire professional career and can’t give Foles the praise because of his personal issues in Philly and maybe realizes that his records in Philly are in jeopardy. I understand people hate McNabb for whatever reason but in the 2000’s he gave me hope and he gave me hatred watching the Eagles; but it was one hell of a ride every week and I will always love McNabb for what he did on the field, not what he says now. Nick Foles right now is the number 1 QB in the NFL and his character both on and off the field are giving Philly fans more hope I think than McNabb except for 2004. McNabb may not be a Hall of Famer which is understandable…but Marino never won a Super Bowl and he is there for what he did for the Dolphins so that may be why McNabb thinks he can make it.

    1. at one time people said that Jaws was the best quarterback we had in a long time. look how he turned out. nearly as many INT’s as TD passes. smh

  5. Neither of these guys have anything on my boy Kaepernick. Look at this guy, got all the natural talent in the world. Foles is a nobody, Kaepernick is a star.

    1. If Pumpernickel could anticipate a route and read a defense, he’d be lethal. Until he can do that, he will rely on his physical abilities to get by, which will lead to some exciting games plays and a lot of interceptions.

  6. Can’t we come up with a nickname for McNabb so that we will be able to identify each other in other places?
    I suggest Fat Nipple.

  7. did you just pull this from another site? really? not to mention this was on the eagles message board yesterday. Try and do a little work, ok? I mean you were the one ripping flyers beat writers and here you are…

  8. I was right on with McNabb eleven years ago, and you Philly fans got me fired from ESPN. He is yours and good luck.

    1. Yes, you were EXACTLY right! The fuckin’ media put this asshole on a pedestal and believed it all!

  9. Let’s also point out that those stats are Foles first 14 starts and not stats cherry picked from McNabb’s best season.

    All this shows me is that McNabb’s best stretch is barely, if even at all, better than Foles’s beginning.

    1. “Let’s also point out that those stats are Foles first 14 starts and not stats cherry picked from McNabb’s best season. ” yeah , that was kind of the point that was made in the article.

  10. The numbers are whatever you want them to be….Its his attitude…passive aggressive insults and the aww poor me affect that make him unloveable and will never get the respect he probably deserves numbers wise….Nobody likes a whiner

  11. McNabb was, maybe not loved, but certainly appreciated here for a LONG time. Remember, the choice came down to McNabb, Akili Smith or Daunte Culpepper. We certainly got the best of that. But dude was the shit for several seasons. Remember him juking it in against the Skins? The 30-second scramble in Dallas? 4th & 26? SO many great moments the guy conjured.

    Obviously, none of that forgives the shortcomings in big moments. But, until Ryan Howard came up, he was the most must-see athlete in Philly with the possible exception of AI.

    And now? Seems to me he’s trying very, very hard to be “outrageous”. I’ll always love 5 for what he did on the field.

  12. Yes, I bees an elite qb. That’s what all the idiots be telling me. I’m also a pompous ass who can’t bees doing no wrong. I’m also a very stupid nigga. Don’t axe me how I got through Syracuse! I can’t bulee how many fools they be out der dat fink ahma good qb. How come us niggas can’t say any word that ends wiff “th”? Bofe uv us do be! Man, I make myself sick! How bout y’all?

  13. Those stats aren’t from Foles’s first 14 career starts…they’re from his first 14 under Chip. Still they’re awesome and even when he played under Andy and led that drive to beat the Bucs I’d say he’s progressed about as well as we could hope. Love him and can’t wait to watch him continue to get better.

  14. You say “courtesy” of Bleeding Green Nation but did they actually give you permission to run this?

    Sure you credit them, but I doubt they just OK use it.

    Fagggggggot with a million g’s for extra dick sucking.

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