Jay Glazer Destroys Donovan McNabb after Five Says Something Stupid about Tom Brady

Donovan McNabb, who struggles mightily with the English language and basic logic, was asked about Tom Brady’s performance last night and his future with the New England Patriots. McNabb offered this PIPING, SIZZLING HOT TAKE, with which Jay Glazer disagreed:

McNabb: “If this continues on for another five or six weeks, believe the rumblings will start that this will be Tom Brady’s last year in New England. I put it out there first.”

Glazer: “Tom Brady’s last year in New England?”

McNabb: “If this goes on for about six-seven more weeks…”

Glazer: “Are you out of your mind?”

McNabb: “There’ll be rumblings.”

Glazer: “There’s been rumblings every time Tom Brady has a bad game. There are rumblings up there in Boston… this guy it’s time for him to move on. Are you crazy, dude?”

McNabb is so desirous for a successful quarterback to fail in a spectacular fashion. But to his credit, there is already that rumbling in Boston today. Still fun to listen to Glazer (and Randy Moss) tear Five apart, though.

via The Big Lead

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18 Responses

  1. McStunk has now surpassed Joe ” Back When I Played ” Theissman as the most arrogant. obnoxious.exQB announcer. at least Aikman is intelligent and has SB rings.

      1. The Eagles did sack Aikman 11 times in a game but it wasn’t on MNF,it was a Sunday game(September 15th 1991) and the Eagles pitched a shutout(24 – 0) in Texas stadium.

  2. “This play brought to you by Frito Lay” ….”Eagles starting at their own 22 yard line…..Foles calling signals….handoff McCoy…Shady to the 25!…..reverses field back to the 21….breaks a tackle and heads outside to the 20 ….19….18 ……and out of bounds at the 17 yard line…..what a run by shady”! “Mike that was a heck of a run for a four yard loss”.

  3. DV is bitch who exhibits the crab in a barrel mentality.

    Not to get in the way of real news but,

    This may not apply to the eagles anymore but the FCC dropped it’s blackout rule, leaving the NFL as the sole reason for any blackouts to take place from here on out.

  4. You heard it here first, there will be rumblings in six to seven weeks of McNabb teaming up with Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take. Their hard hitting journalism just makes too much sense.

  5. THAT?! THAT was an example of Glazer destroying McNabb? That back and forth where they disagreed? Wow. I never saw that on a sports panel show before. Two guys with different opinions.

    Kyle, you’re awful. And you’re getting worse and sadder by the day.

  6. Jay Glazer’s utter destruction of Donovan was pure sex.

    Be sure to watch me play NHL 15 tonight on PS4, and buy my shitty t-shirts so I can take Ms. CB to Applebee’s on Friday.

  7. He should have just retired and disappeared, like most retired football players who didn’t become analysts. McNabb doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and shouldn’t be arguing with someone like Glazer who’s been doing this longer.

  8. Asshole McNabb insists on making himself look more stupid every time he opens his big fuckin’ mouth! How can he get paid for saying so much dumb shit day after day??? Man, he is really a fuckin’ dope! Ha! Ha!

  9. For once I really hope mccock fucks Prediction comes true… I hope Brady has 12 more games just like this one. That ass cunt has done nothing but blow the past four years and is still considered top five qb. Fuck him and fuck all of New England.. Fuck boston especially …. Fuckn city of ugly mongoloids

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