Jimmy Rollins on How to Fix the Phillies: Just Keep Spending, Just Keep Spending

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Unfortunately, unlike Dory, the Phillies shouldn’t just keep doing anything, because what they’re doing is not working. And what certainly won’t work is the fine wine philosophy of letting the aging core age yet another year and supplementing them with expensive talent. Adding Jonathan Papelbon, A.J. Burnett, and supposed Cuban star Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez in recent years has helped not even a little bit, and it’s so painfully obvious that the best course of action is to sink the ship and, maybe, throw Cole Hamels a wooden door to stay afloat until help arrives.* But Jimmy is a winner, ostensibly, and wants the Phillies to keep trying, keep spending, and, so long as they don’t get mixed up with the cartel, keep swimming**:

“We have enough money to,” Rollins said. “So you can’t say we don’t have the money to make improvements in the places that need to be improved, or where they can make them, whichever is the priority. We’re in a big market. A big-market payroll. So you have to go out there and make it happen.”

And unlike, say, Miami, there are big-market expectations, too. So maybe the Phillies will invade the international market with a stronger tenacity; general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has been to Japan and scouted Cuban free agent Yasmany Tomas in the last 2 weeks.

“I didn’t see that until [Tuesday] night,” Rollins said. “If that’s the trend, you got to get in while it’s hot. [Jose] Abreu, [Yoenis] Cespedes, Aroldis [Chapman], [Yasiel] Puig, [Jorge] Soler and [Javier] Baez. Geez. It’s just – they’re picking the right ones. You’re not having to sift through a thousand kids at the academies. It’s – here are our 10 best . . . We’ve got to get our hands in that market.”

Yeah, getting their hands in that market, even if they are lucky enough to unearth the next Puig, will make no difference, at least for the current core. The Phillies need a complete rebuild – this much is obvious – but, really, what else is Rollins supposed to say?

*Unfortunately, we’ll watch Chase Utley hang on until he has no more strength and slowly fades into the abyss.

**I’m awfully proud of the water motif in this post. I think even Benjamin Braddock would be impressed.

via Ryan Lawrence, Daily News


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  1. spend some money on 2 good hitting outfielders and maybe a catcher, and we could have a different situation on our hands. especially if franco keeps getting better.

  2. Kyle seriously nobody gives a shit about the Phillies,but yet you and your lapdog Jim litter your site with 3 posts when we have the Eagles vs 49ers game approaching.

    1. Sure, what aspect of the Eagles game, other than that it’s happening, would you like to talk about?

      1. I’ll bite.

        While we are just parroting WIP, why not the 49ers second half point spread this year matched up against Chip Kelly and how well he adjusts.

        The fact that Vegas odds have the eagles losing by what? 5.5 for a 3-0 team playing a 1-2 team that just imploded and has yet to win at home.

        Or what about the Eagles offensive line and who we go to if anyone gets injured. What is Ertz or Coopers chance of playing on the line if 1-2 people go down?

        I don’t know, just spit balling here. But then again, this isn’t my full time job

        1. You mean a real sports discussion?

          That ship sailed on this site a long time ago.

          Kind of sad, actually.

      2. I’d like to talk about how the 49ers are letting a guy who assaulted his pregnant girlfriend still play. I really haven’t heard too much discussion about domestic violence in the NFL, and I’m curious to hear if anyone out there has an opinion on it.

  3. Three simple steps to fixing the Phillies

    1. Fire RAJ

    2. Shed payroll

    3. Rebuild

    It’s not fucking rocket science. They’re old, they all have bloated contracts and they have no prospects.

    This is the darkest timeline.

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