Josh Innes Does Q&A with Philly Mag Which Will Undoubtedly Fuel Comments on This Post

Josh Innes did a Q&A with Simon Van Zuylen-Wood(!) of Philly Mag in which he spoke of CB commenters:

How is Philly treating you more than half a year in?

Considerably better than you might believe. Obviously, there are the comments you read online from newspaper stories or on Crossing Broad … but nobody on there likes anybody.


Your dad was the longtime voice of Scooby-Doo.

In high school, my nickname was “Scoob.” On my letterman jacket, in a total douche move, instead of having my name on it, it said “Scoob,” because nobody knew my actual name.

Wait, really? ZOINKS!

And a rocket launched at Jimmy Kempski, oh he of dumpster fire fame:

Who in Philly sports media is doing a crappy job?

I’ll look at some of the stuff [the Inquirer’s] Jimmy Kempski writes, and I’ve just not been a fan of anything I’ve read. It feels kind of like fluff most of the time. In the pocket of the team, in a way.

Excuse me while I grab this popcorn.

You can read the full thing here… or carry on into the comments.


65 Responses

    1. Any radio host that dislikes the fake South Philly toughguy who grew up in South Jersey Anthony Gargano as much as me is a friend of mine.

      Josh you and your woman can drink a Corona with me and my bitch any day of the week.

  1. How does a guy that no one listens to; on a station that sucks; get a Q&A with Philly Mag?

    So much for standards.

    What’s next, a day in the life of Sean Brace??

      1. I pretty much agree with whatever Da Cuz has to say otherwise he tries to bully me and he scares me. Glenn told me he still has nightmares from when Duh Cuz used to shout him down.

    1. The comment section, as I have seen for months, looks to each other for importance. Most jokes are absolutely horrible, and the rest are close to unreadable. Give up your self entitled embarrassment, although I don’t know if CB wants you or not. Myself and all my friends read this site and others, briefly for semi-relevant philly sports talk. The comments section is philly to mankind…lol fire Jim , josh innis sucks, fuck brace etc and Kyle you say, but you frequent the site…then you are embarrassing yourself…
      This site is a shit stain

    2. Why Sean? I mean Jesus what about me I was here first. It’s Crap. I mean I don’t know.

      Call the fanatic at 215 975 9759

  2. Philly fans hate Josh because he doesn’t slather on the lipstick and kiss the fans’ asses like other goons.

    1. This is exactly what he thinks..

      He is just coarse to get a reaction. He will say anything if it will stir up a reaction, whether he agrees with it or not.

  3. My commute is usually just about over by the time Innes tries to make his first cringe inducing “joke”. I’ll take the Cuz all day over this guy, and that’s not saying much.

  4. Is he the new guy on WIP? I stopped listening to both of those dogshit stations. Is he worse than Missanelli? That would be a tough tunnel to mine under.

  5. ME! ME!! Lookey, somebody mentioned my crappy website!

    Would you have posted this story if he hadn’t mentioned CB? No fucking way.

  6. My 1st time I put Innis on a cuz type caller was going nuts on josh because he bad mouthed Utley.

    1. Everything is cool people. I absolutely suck at what I do and I made $21 M doing it. Thanks Rube

  7. He’s a poor version of me. He tries really hard to emulate my schtick. We get it, you’re trying to follow the shock value, listen to me because you hate me, I’m against my own station routine. Unfortunately, you don’t have a third of the talent I had. More Farzetta please.

    1. Hoo hoo, I invented cringe inducing hot takes sports talk, robin. Seriously though, your spot on. First time I listened to this tool, I thought about how hard he seemed to want to be Howard.

  8. Want to know how pathetic Josh is?

    He goes on this blog regularly.. for any reason.

    I mean how depraved is that? Anyone who frequents this site with the likes of US has made a serious turn for the worst in their life.

      1. I listen to WIP Mike and Ike until it ends at work. Some days it goes into leading off.. eventually when Josh comes on I still just have it on in the background. His sing-songy, loud voice is my daily reminder that it is time to switch to spotify.

  9. Anyone know if burger man macnow is having his nfl survivor pool? Can’t find it on their site

  10. He’s a pig. Every time he speaks he puts me in a time warp with his lowbrow comments. Even worse than his comments about strippers, penis size etc.. is his total lack of knowledge of the Philadelphia sports teams. Has he ever been in a town with 4 major sports teams? I think he read the Santa Claus article hopped on the Schuylkill and formed his opinion about Philadelphia sports fans on the ride to the station. You can not go and eat a cheesesteak with locals and say hey I am one of youse. Thank God the Phillies are on for a couple more weeks. He should be on the midnight shift until he learns more about CoBL and takes a diversity class. I get that I am a female listener and not part of their demographics but I love sports! Heck I read Crossing Broad:)

    1. What really pisses me off about him lately is his “woe as me” schtick. Every time I put him on its something about how he isn’t as respected as the other hosts or how the station manager yells at him for saying dumbass shit or about how he doesn’t have an auction item and is constantly the “bad guy.” Despite the fact that that’s the image he’s sort of carved out for himself. Also, his bitching about having to get preempted for the Phillies needs to stop as well. I really liked his point of view when he first started but he’s really starting to sound like more of a pain in the ass.

      1. Natalie the girl that is young enough to be Cataldis grand daughter? The one that Cataldi in a disgustingly perverted tone asked if he could poll, err lets make that pole.

        if I said afraction of some of the stuff cataldi says at my workplace . I would have been fired and sued,

  11. My daddy says that Josh Innes is an overrated fat slob hipster who bends over and takes it from Sean Brace every chance he gets.

    I wonder whats gonna happen in about 13 years when I tell him that I like to bend over and take it from a guy named Sean, too.

    1. I just wish that daddy would stop making me try to be a pitcher. I don’t even like it. I much prefer squatting down and catching.

      1. How much of his show do you think Josh will dedicate to talking about his interview/crying about this post and all the CB commenters? Probably the vast majority.

  12. First, I was under the impression he was gone already. He is never on anymore and I thought they were using the almost nightly broadcast of the Phillies games as a way of easing him off rather than announcing what a huge mistake they made. I guess he’ll be back then. I listened to him the first few weeks he was here and got the distinct impression he is desperate to be liked and covers it by trying to be all controversial with the “I don’t kiss anyone’s ass” routine. He also seemed kind of a hick with no sense of humor about himself and extremely defensive with anyone who disagrees with him.

  13. Innes is the ONLY thing worth listening to on WIP anymore. The kid is witty and just brings a different perspective than all of the other tired hosts on the station. He knows radio and he knows how to engage listeners. He is the future of sportstalk.

    The rest of the line-up on WIP is beyond stale and just isn’t fun to listen to. Having worked there during the stations wheelhouse years of the mid to late 90’s, the station just doesn’t have the same feel and excitement it had then. I wouldn’t say it’s anyone’s fault, in particular, but I feel that the sportstalk format is a bit played out and tired now. That can happen after 25+ years.

  14. New Guy Josh Innes? He gets my ear by default, No one in this market has the talent to warrant a radio career more than 5 years. They have clowns on the airwaves pushing 10-15-25 years.

    How many years and decades can you hear the same voice, the same message, the same tired schtick?

  15. Innes should take a trip to Syria.

    The Mooosies need another fathead to mount in a Urinal.

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