Kevin Durant Hung out with Allen Iverson

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It looks like KD and AI have been hanging out, since they both Instagrammed that picture above last night (Iverson’s caption read “Much respect to the lil homie KD. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let nothing stop you from being you”). Durant’s caption is some high praise on its own.

First it was LeBron last year, and now Kevin Durant — the top two players in the NBA right now — who have called Allen Iverson the best “pound for pound” to ever play the game. While it’s unlikely that Jordan (or maybe in a few years, LeBron or KD) will ever concede the consensus “best ever” title to AI, for 25-year-old Kevin Durant, the “best player” choice growing up was basically down to Iverson or Kobe. I like his way of thinking. Now, if AI could just convince him that the Sixers are building something real exciting that is worth checking out once his contract is up.

Additionally, if you’re in the market for 76ers season tickets, you can stand-in for Kevin Durant above:

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h/t The Sixers Sense

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