Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk Predict an MVP Season for McCoy

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

From now until week one is over, and then again non-stop from about weeks eight through sixteen, every person paid to talk about sports is going to let you know who they think is gonna win the Super Bowl, their divisions, and the end of season awards. But are the opinions of those who have won those same end of season awards worth any more than any other’s opinion? Nope. Let’s pretend they are though.

According to NJ.com, former MVPs Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk both think this year’s MVP could be LeSean McCoy. Warner said on the NFL Network last night that “McCoy has become the most exciting player in the National Football League,” and continued, “I believe he’s the MVP this year.” Faulk didn’t disagree, saying “What Chip Kelly does in Philly fits his skill set better than any other team in the NFL. He loves getting his backs the ball in space.” Okay, so Faulk’s statement isn’t as much a prediction as just saying “Yeah, he’s good,” but we’ll take it.

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