LeSean McCoy Reportedly Left a .32% Tip at PYT

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Less than an hour ago, LeSean McCoy and precisely three friends were a little hungry, so they headed to PYT in the Piazza. Shady must not have liked the service, or the food, or maybe he’s more Buscemi than we thought, because he left a twenty cent tip on a bill of just over $61. PYT’s Facebook page, obviously still flabbergasted by the money left behind, mistakenly called it a .03% tip. It’s not that. That’s ridiculous. It’s actually a .32% tip, which is insultingly bad. It’s so low, that it’s actually better to leave nothing. I don’t know if the service was terrible or what, but that twenty cent tip is a message tip. That’s not a “bad tip,”
that’s a “I want them to know how I feel” tip. Or at least I hope so, because if he thinks that is an acceptable tip, he may need to undergo some concussion tests.

[Editor’s note: The publicity is now worth more than the entire meal. Maybe Shady’s like that Tips For Jesus guy but just works in mysterious ways? Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Something like that? I believe, Shady! I believe! Maybe. Or not. Probably not. What a dick.]

UPDATE: We’re probably going to hire this guy now:


h/t readers Dinky, Ben, Mike and Melissa

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77 Responses

      1. Oh I know that, he’s a great guy and his foundation does wonderful things with that money. Wasn’t really a joke at his expense, I was trying (and failing apparently) to reference an old Simpson’s quote.

  1. I’d leave a .20 tip, too. Fuck that place. Bunch of cool guys and girls working there. Don’t even get me started on the owner.

    1. Voice #1 “Holy crap. Jesus thats a small tip. Woop woop”.

      Voice #2 “I hear dat”.

  2. Don’t forget, it’s very easy to forge these receipts. All a server has to do is reprint the receipt – something every restaurant computer system allows you to do – and sign the shitty tip.

    1. That would be plausible, but then why leave $0.20 on the receipt? It’s not like it made the check a nice round amount or anything.

    1. who was the JO? the server or LM? either way, douche move by LM…got millions but can’t leave a $10 even if service was bad? had to know based upon the aholes at PYT that it would come back to bit him…or he’s just that dumb..

  3. That is definitely a shitty tip. But I don’t think it is a wise move on the part of PYT to send out a message to the public blasting McCoy. I get it if the server sent that out on his own Facebook account, but for the restaurant to insult a customer’s tip on social media seems pathetic to me.

  4. Mr. Pink comments aside — is it possible that the tip was deserved? Perhaps the server was racist, or a Cowboys fan, or just did a really lousy job?

  5. I’m not sure what justifies a tip that low, but I will say that the service has been beyond atrocious every time I have been to PYT. Yelp has not served as much of a wake-up call for them.

    1. Yelp is a bullshit racket. It may or may not be accurate about PYT but that’s only because they will/won’t pay Yelp.

      If you use Yelp, just stop. Seriously. It’s all bullshit and you’re only getting good recommendations from places that give in to Yelp’s extortion.

  6. What a complete disgrace. This guy refuses to tip and recognize his server for all their hard work?

    This is such an elitist culture that McCoy is showing and every eagles fan should be ashamed.

    You can’t defend that!? It is a culture issue with every Eagles player and fan. Should have the NFL step in and ban the eagles from the post season for 4 years.


    1. HOLY SHIT you’ve never been to a restaurant with shitty service? i want your life. I’ve left less of a tip before. Also if you have never been to PYT, look at their yelp page, and realize that it’s a shit hole with shitty service.

      GTFO, clown.

    2. PYT has notoriously shitty service. They forfeited the benefit of the doubt here the day they opened their doors. Shady also frequents N Bowl around the corner and the staff says he takes care of everyone. This only furthers PYT’s terrible reputation.

  7. I’m not surprised in the slightest bit. McCoy is notorious in the Harrisburg area for leaving little to no tips when dining out. My family and I had lived over there for several years and he never left me with a good impression There was always a feeling that LeSean thought he should dine out for free in Harrisburg since he is a pro player now.

  8. the fact he called McCoy a Jerk Off makes me believe they didnt get along. Which probably led to McCoy disliking his service and giving him a tip representative of that service. The waiter obviously has an entitlement problem seeing the way hes gone about it. Like he deserves a fat tip because McCoy has money no matter the quality of his service. The fact he’s taking interviews and going to facebook within 2 hours of McCoy being at the restaurant just proves the guy is probably a dick.

    1. This server is a slob I have had him before. Maybe he should be saving for deodorant instead of a jersey. He actually made my eyes water.

  9. That Shiza is whak. My man get out on blast for dropping sum dimez. Brotha gotta respect livin gangsta style ya’ll. I be leavin Benjamin’s cuz I be rollin fat wadz. Hit me up on the air and keepin my hood real.

  10. Oh, for fuck’s sake. Did it ever occur to anyone that this one probably thought he was adding a standard 20% tip and accidentally (or, more scary, thought he was doing the right thing) printed 20-cents instead?

    1. Yes because I’m sure this is the first time multi-millionaire Lesean McCoy has ever eaten at a restaurant where he tips.

      Seriously? He knew. Whether it was deserved or not, he knew.

        1. I’m really really confused how you see that as a possibility…

          He did the math for the final total and would have clearly realized it was 20 cents, not 20%.

          You come off as a real douche when you throw insults into comments that already make zero sense.

    2. That would be somewhat believable . . .if he hadn’t done the math and written the total at the bottom (which clearly shows the total of the tip to be 20 cents).

      Of course, maybe a PITT education isn’t what it used to be anymore?

      Any chance he left some cash as the actual tip?

  11. FWIW McCoy left me a $400 (four hundred) tip above the 20%. Truth. And no…I’m not a stripper.

    PYT was dumb for posting this…if the manager had any clue, he/she would reach out to LeSean via twitter PM or something discreet to try to find out why he felt it necessary to leave that tip. Instead, they wanted to be funny and popular but only proved how poorly run and managed the business is. Not to mention, you probably won’t ever find another Eagle player in their establishment. I’ve never known their service to be anything above sub standard. It’s full of entitled hipsters who think they deserve tips just by showing up for work. Earn your tips….work is work…it’s not a party.

    1. Yo yo yo boy pump da brakes homie!… Entitled hipsters?..wonder if me and Johnny marks can come down there and do a remote. Sounds like my kinda place. I’m straight steelin’ money here at the fanatic on tha daily. No talent, no tips, no problem playa

      1. I’m not his agent. Just sharing my experience that’s obviously relatable. He acted bigger than life (i.e. an ass) to the people around him but he treated us with respect and appreciated our service.

        Anyway, my point was more on the morons who run PYT. Everyone rushes to judgement, tweets, facebooks, plays the “look at me” game and assumes it’s everyone else’s fault as opposed to looking into the mirror, or at your servers performance. They have no clue…just a good location and somewhat forgettable food.

        And Kyle hops on the bandwagon and perpetuates this non news. I like the blog, not going to be a hater because I’m a daily reader, but he just encourages the stupidity. To each his own though…he’s making a living off of people reading his opinions.

  12. Damn ya’ll get off my nuts yo. At least I ain’t beat up no hoes today. Why don’t y’all go bust Ray Rice wife Beatin’ ass.

  13. If y’all knew how to properly tip, you would realize that I left a 0.35% tip. Not 0.03%, not 0.32%. Get your facts and math straight before you run an article like dis.

  14. I think it’s quite obvious what happened. He knows he’s supposed to leave 20% tip. ….or .20.

    I bet it was an honest, albeit stupid, mistake

  15. Kyle you’ve run a sports website for years now and still don’t buck up for Eagles tickets? You rely on advertisers to give them to you? Holy fucking fuck that’s lame.

  16. Last time I was in there, it took 30 min for us to get seated, another 15 minutes for a server to get to us to take drink orders. Finally ordered and they were out of pretty much everything but a normal burger, and that burger took 40 minutes to get to us. I probably tipped 20 cents that night too.

    Place has some cool burgers, but it’s a fucking hipster hell hole.

  17. The fact that he bothered leaving 20 cents, as opposed to nothing at all, should leave people to believe that there’s another side to this story. But this is Crossing Broad.

  18. Is it me or does anyone else think it looks like a $100 tip? The second line from both dollar signs…

    Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I’m likely wrong.

    So fuck him.

  19. From the Dept. of Health, Office of Food Protection:

    “Toilet rooms are not enclosed.”

    “Food employee is not wearing or wearing ineffective hair restraints, such as nets, hats, or beard restraints.”

    “Food preparation sink is not clean.”

    “Food safety certified individual is not present. Establishment must cease operation until certified staff reports on site.”

    “Soap was initially lacking at bar hand sink.”

    “Soda gun nozzles at bar observed with accumulated buildup.”

    “Griddle and hood observed with grease accumulation. Food debris observed on beer tap at front bar. ”

    “Mouse activity is present in rear dry storage and dj booth. Droppings observed along floor perimeters in both areas, on food packages stored on shelving, on crates.”

    “Mouse activity present in facility. Droppings observed on lower prep table shelving and along floor surfaces in the DJ booth. A dead mouse was observed in the dry storage room underneath food storage rack. Pest control invoices were not observed however bait boxes and traps were observed in facility. Additionally, drain flies were observed at front bar.”

  20. You don’t get to say “ingnant” or “racist” until you’ve endured the fury of a black waitress when she sees that you’ve sat her with a black table.

    Blacks don’t tip.

  21. Imma driving through Philly on Wednesday. Think I’ll stop by and leave a $0.00 tip and post it on my Facebook account.

    Screw them and their servers who think its OK to put private transactions like this on the Internet.

    Also, don’t tip on tax.

  22. Last time I was in Northern Liberties my tip for the waitress was me banging the hell out of her in the ladies room. Pink hair,tat sleve,nose ring, pit hair,no bra, stunk like a water rat but she had a tight ass and I laid the pipe.

  23. I used to always go to pyt right until they started a kickstarter campaign to raise 37k for their new bar…they charge $12 for a plain burger and $9 for a rum and coke and you expected your customers to donate money so tommy up can have another spot now to charge $15 for a flaming Margarita? I never stepped foot in that place ever since and i was a once a week type customer who never had a bill less then $100…and that waiter rob is a dick and i made it known where tommy up sent me a fb message apologizing and gave me a $25 gift card and assured me he would never even clean my table after i left…believe what you want that tip was warranted

  24. Yet another in the endless stream of examples showing the incorrect use of social media.

    This is nothing but an attention whore move by the waiter and the restaurant designed to publicly shame a celebrity and drive customer curiosity to increase business.

    If that tip was left by a “regular” customer it wouldn’t be posted online.

    I have no sympathy for some hipster fuckface who all but admitted outright that his service sucked and he screwed up the order.

    Was McCoy over the top with his lowball tip? Yup, he probably was. But I think the restaurant and the waiter fucked up even more.

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