Mitch Williams is Suing Deadspin and the MLB Network

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Mitch Williams, former Phillies pitcher and former MLB Network employee, is suing the MLB Network and Deadspin for what he calls defamation, along with additional charges of breach of contract and wrongful termination with the MLB Network.

It all stems from Deadspin’s report on Williams’ alleged behavior at his kid’s Ripkin Baseball youth tournament where he reportedly got tossed from the tournament for going on a “profanity-laced” tirade, and a separate incident on video where he called the opposing team’s 10-year-old pitcher a “pussy” and ordered his pitcher to throw at the kid. Not great stuff. Williams alleges that after video of this incident arose, the MLB Network asked him to sign an agreement to no longer attend his children’s sporting events. When he refused, he says he was fired. Williams’ lawyer, in ultimate “my client is the victim here and it’s all the internet’s fault” lawyer-speak, said:

“There are people out there who love to bring down celebrities and the internet provides an incredibly easy and powerful forum to destroy a person’s reputation in an instant behind a veil of anonymity. When one’s reputation and livelihood are crushed by anonymous ‘sources’ it is absolutely devastating, but there are legal recourses available.”

There are, in fact, a small group of people out there who “love to bring down celebrities,” sure. Those people aren’t usually targeting Mitch Williams with video evidence though.


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    1. YES, because the multi-millionaire would need to do that.

      At what age does a person accumulate enough common sense to realize this

  1. Calling Mitch’s alleged actions “not great stuff” is a perfect summation for why you’re a pussy Jim.

    This site is going down the shitter because we have a junior writer who can’t find the *alleged* humor in what Mitch apparently said/did. The pitcher probably was a pussy and the batter probably did deserve to be beaned.

    Either way – it’s fucking hilarious and I don’t need to be told that it’s “not great stuff” by some hack.


  2. you know angelo cataldi talked about this yesterday about 9:45. what the fuck took you so long to copy and paste?

  3. Mitch Williams is complete white trash as evident by his actions during a KIDS GAME. on Twitter he used to constantly promote his daughter and how good she was as if going pro for her could actually happen. This guy is insane. He’s also a fucking terrible analyst. Anyone remember his calls to the morning show saying Ryan Howard was such a good hitter, he’d hit 35 home runs “by accident?” he then predicted 40 plus for Howard. This was last year. Credibility… Shot. Good riddance you piece of shit. Fucking child’s game he acts like this. Get a fucking life.

    1. absolutely. from his work on CSN, to WIP, to the MLB network, the guy always acted like a know-it-all dickhead which i found amusing being as he a below-average player at best (a career sub 500 win/loss record, a sole all-star appearance, and barely cracks the top-50 list for all-time saves leaders.) hey mitchie poo, if you didnt want to get fired from your cushy job then you should not have carried on like a jerkoff at a baseball game for 10-year olds. in the end, he’ll come crawling back to WIP morning show in which he will once again live off the memories of1993 and angelo will happily supply the handjobs!

      1. Living off the memories of ’93 is what makes me want to punch him in the face. Dude is, has been, and always will be a LOSER.

  4. Eye will also be sooing both Mich Wulliams and Dudspin for the nugative attenshin being brought to my grate bazebell foundayshon.

    I hop to sea every body at the turnament in Aberduun, Morylind.

  5. Haha love how his lawyer is trying to bash the “anonymous sources.” Who gives a shit if the sources are anonymous in this case? There’s a damn video of him yelling like an asshole.

  6. “Jeeves, take a letter”.
    Dear Mitch, given your ties to Philadelphia and our fans fond memories of your 1993 theatrics I’d like to offer you a job in this time of need. I need a foreman in charge of greasing the windmills and windexing the solar panels at the stadium. Pay is a crisp $11.50 an hour payed promptly every Friday afternoon.
    Best Regards, Windmill Jeff

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