Mo’Ne Davis’ Jersey will be in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Photo credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
Photo credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Taney Dragons may all be back to focusing on homework, but the honors haven’t finished coming in. According to the Associated Press, Mo’Ne Davis’ jersey from her LLWS-opening shutout will be donated to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Dragons will then play an exhibition game at Doubleday Field.

With that shutout, Davis became the LLWS’ first female pitcher to achieve that goal, and though the Dragons did not win the tourney, they captured the attention of baseball fans across the country (and in our own city). My bet is more people will take pictures with her jersey than the will with the combined no-no ball.


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  1. Just when I thought that this was all the way behind us.. It comes back.

    Great, now 2/3 comments for the next week are going to be just bashing Mo’ne Davis.

    Maybe we can just pretend this post never happened

  2. It will be nice in a couple of years when she returns to Williamsport with her neck tat and two kids. Speaking the native monkey language of her mother

  3. Congrats to Jim for not hawking that shitty fucking shirt Kyle made about Mo’Ne.

  4. If she was white, this would be history. Enough already. There are at least 10 little league teams in Philly that did not bastardize themselves with so called all stars that would crush this team.

  5. BTW, I found a idiot dealership in Jaquar of Cherry Hill that pays CBS Radio big ad dollars so I can keep my job.

  6. Right next to Michael Sam’s jockstrap and Oscar Pistorius’ leg-wax in the “feel-good sideshows that did not earn recognition” display.

  7. she is in the baseball hall of fame and little petey rose is not. i fucking love it.

  8. Wow, if these assholes above me commenting were talking about a certain news anchor they’d have their comments deleted. I can’t believe trashing a little girl is less offensive. Anyway, the HOF is not just comprised of MLB’rs. It’s about baseball period. As the first girl to win a LLWS game meanwhile throwing a shutout? She absolutely deserves to be mentioned in the HOF.

    1. No she doesn’t.

      She wasn’t the first to play in the LLWS, and they didn’t win anything. It might be a story in a politically correct society where we need to praise the above average minorities with participation awards to encourage diversity and growth in the game (aka: money for the future).

      But on the long road of the history of baseball, this isn’t even a noteworthy speed bump.

      This jersey will be in the HOF but Pete Rose isn’t?! MLB is a joke.

  9. The Hall of Fame just lost a little luster……she played great and has a lot to be proud of. But she wasn’t even the best player in the LLWS this year. Somewhere Pete Rose is saying “what the fuck”?

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