NJ Bro Here with His Brotastic Eagles-Jaguars Bro Prediction, for Bros

Italian flag? Check. WWE belts hanging on the wall? Check. Eagles locker room parking sign, red undershirt, not-to-code smoke detector hanging off ceiling distracting from faux diamond studs and under-flat-brim auth sticker? OH HELL YEAH.

Love this guy. FLY.


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  1. All eagles fans are faggots. I would rather get aids than cheer for this dog shit team or align myself with a bunch of mouth breathing clueless idiots like 100 percent of the eagles fan base.

    1. Calling someone a “mouth breather” is such a lame and played out internet insult. Be more creative. It doesn’t even work in the context of the video.

      The guy looks like Frankie Muniz.

    2. Look at matt…got some time on his hands posting….first Friday of the month…busy afternoon though taking that check to the corner to cash it

    3. Sorry guys, I spoke out of turn again. Doctors say that my testosterone medication would act up occasionally and that I would occasionally lash out for no reason. My micropenis is sorry.

      I love the eagles and their fans are top notch!

  2. “I don’t know too much about Chad Henne… [Pauses. Gathers thoughts.]… All I know is he’s fucking trash.” I’m on-board with this guy.

    1. “I don’t know if Chad Henne’s good or bad against the blitz. I need someone who’s bad against the blitz. Peyton Manning.”

  3. This blog is seriously going down the toilet. If I wanted this type of know-nothing, rambling, fan boy analysis of the Eagles I would’ve ask G. Cobb for it.

  4. Those aren’t WWE belts, One is the ECW World Heavyweight Championship and the other looks like the NWA world championship title.

  5. Disabled the fire alarm so he can smoke cigs and blunts in his room without white trash mom giving him shit. Smart move.

  6. YO!!!!



    It’s a shame this site picks and chooses when to harass an innocent person. When it’s someone who could use their “fame” to sell more t-shirts, comments get locked. When it’s a “nobody”, their video is found and they’re shamed and harassed by the “higher ups”. Sounds like online bullying.

  7. I don’t know what I feel worse about…clicking on this post in the first place, or for laughing out loud at the comment by Chris Benoit.

  8. kyle – a “bro” is a frat-type guy. i’m just guessing here, but that dude probably isn’t in college, nor does he own any sperrys. he’s more of a pseudo guido/gangsta caricature.

  9. Please let this guy post a video on here weekly, in all honesty this was the only thing on this site worth looking at for months.

    While I’m being honest, thanks for not posting another video of your annoying voice reading this weeks stories again, now could you please just stop posting videos of yourself making an ass of yourself on fox

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