Papelbon Says if he Meant to Insult the Fans, He Would Have Done More than a Little “Umph with the Pants”

Photo Source: AP
Photo Source: AP

Last night, Jonathan Papelbon’s seven game suspension ended and he was able to rejoin the team. So of course, Pap was asked about his famous re-adjustment (seen above, in almost too good of a picture), and he’s still claiming all he was doing was putting things in the right place. Papelbon told reporters, “I did it because I needed a re-adjustment.” He said he didn’t appeal his suspension, because he didn’t want it to carry over into next season when he’s pitching for [insert team name here]. Papelbon continued:

“Like I said earlier, if I really, really wanted to do something back (to the fans) it would have been more than just a little umph with the pants, you know what I mean? People are going to take it for what they want, you know what I mean?”

I get it. There are worse things that Paps could have done, such as actually whipping his dick out or going back out and facing another batter.

Other than that, Paps, how has the season been? “It’s been boring. It’s been aggravating and monotonous.” Oh no. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I completely agree with Jonathan Papelbon.


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    1. So sick of everything Bob. The real Bob, the really real bob, bob, the bob haters, every bob

      The original bob had some of they absolute worst comments, proving to be a complete joke. Clearly someone found it pathetic enough to just troll and now it is half the comments on this website.

      Enough with Bob. The Eagles could effectively end the 49ers season Sunday and put themselves in a very realistic position to go 6-0 into the bye week. (now two steps ahead of myself) at 6-0 we would be poised to actually earn a bye in the playoffs… Talking super bowl contenders (now 16 steps ahead of myself). But still, Sunday’s game can’t be understated.

      And here we are talking about Bob

  1. Good old Paps will take that lie to the grave.
    The boring and monotonous comment….dead fucking on.

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