Pat Gillick Crushes Your Dreams, Says Both Amaro and Sandberg Will be Back Next Year

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Any long-shot hope we had that Pat Gillick was going to come in while playing the part of “interim president” and just clean house, giving us the front office we wanted, is out the window. Speaking to reporters in Atlanta, Gillick said of both Ruben Amaro Jr. and Ryne Sandberg:

“They’re under contract. Ruben is under contract through ’15, and Ryne’s under contract … So right now there’s no thought whatsoever of replacing either one. I’m just here to keep a steady hand on the rudder.”

But what about the terrible job Ruben is and has been doing?

“Ruben and I mutually agree on most decisions that we make. Ruben is very inclusive on any decisions that we make for the ball club. But right now, if there’s something I might have a different opinion, I’ll certainly voice that opinion, and we’ll talk it through and try to make what we think is the correct decision.”

All of the decisions Pat, ALL OF THE DECISIONS. I didn’t actually expect Pat Gillick to come in, in a part-time role, and clean house. I hoped, but I didn’t expect it. What really bums me out about all of it, is that Gillick doesn’t see any flaws in what got the Phillies here and says that “a tweak here or a tweak there might make you a little more competitive.” It’s all just another sign of the front-office’s collective delusion that “a tweak” is something we want, and “a little more competitive” is enough.


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  1. Worst ownership group ever. Of course Amaro is back, he has one year left on his contract. Sandberg I have no idea if he is a good manager or not because his team is garbage, although with the way all of his players hate him, he’s probably a poor manager.

  2. Honestly, what do you expect him to say? Just last week Monty told a group of fans the same thing. Gillick’s chair isn’t even warm yet, and you expect him to start contradicting the party line?

    Wait till the end of the season. Amaro’s contract can’t be extended in the environment, but it would be uncomfortable for him to enter the season as a lame duck. They will stick a fork in Ruben when the season is over, and the new guy will decide what to do with Sandberg.

  3. Christ Fuck Amaro but Ryne Sanderg has created a sense of competition at several positions with smoke and mirrors. He’s used Grady Sizemore to light a fire under revere’s ass, He’s done the same to brown but to a lesser result so far. He’s gonna use Franco to do the same thing with Asche. He’s shown he’s not afraid to bench a starter. He’s let It be known to the Prima Dona’s that he’ll decide when the fucking starter leaves the ballgame. He’s sorted out the bullpen mess and actually come up with a comprehensive late inning plan that’s working pretty well. Suddenly the Phils have perhaps the best bullpen in baseball and they are all pretty affordable for the foreseeable future. The fact that so many of these guys are complaining is a good sign.

    1. I have a feeling that Theo will pluck Joe Maddon from Tampa. I just looked it up and his contract is completed after 2015 as well. Or maybe the Phils can throw a ton of money at Maddon, granted need some actual scouts with knowledge to come over as well. Maddon wouldn’t be able to do anything with this slop either.

  4. Let’s talk about how much of an asshole Dom Brown is complaining daily to the local media about how he isn’t getting enough playing time. Doesn’t he get it? He sucks, and when you suck at your job people notice and want to replace you. How about you just quietly try your best to be good at your job Dom? 96 hits in 411 chances? Really? And you complain? Asshole.

  5. He didn’t say that they would be back next year, he said they were under contract. That is the stock answer when you don’t want to answer the question of whether someone is going to be back next year or not. Ruben has 1 year left on his contract. If it’s not extended by the end of the season, he will be gone. No reason to fire Sandberg. The team is bad, so it doesn’t really matter who manages it before the rebuild begins. The new GM can decide on the manager after a season or two.

    1. Fuck off man. Definitely the type who will watch when they are winning again and proclaim ..” been a fan forever..etc..” Fraud

  6. RAJ should be back, but change his title/duties. I suggest – Pigeon poop cleaner from Mike Schmidt statue.

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